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Old School Oddball!

/ 9 years ago

In the words of Keith Olberman, “Let’s play Oddball!”. I decided to post up about 3 odd systems. 2 are just odd systems in general and 1 is just a really OLD system but to the “youngins” will be an “odd” one and I will start off with that one first.

Yeah, PONG! In the 70’s home pong units were HUGE! A “console” that did one thing, played PONG. That’s right! This one however is DELUXE and runs 5, count em’ FIVE games! (that are probably a lot like Pong). Today you could fit the code to run Pong on something so small the human eye couldn’t see it but back in the day it took a whole console in order to render those bars and “ball” bouncing too and fro.

Vectrex! I probably would not know about this system except that my cousin had this and it was pretty fun. The unit as seen above had the “tv” built in and was just black and white. The unit also has a controller that would fold out from the front connected by a telephone type of cord and had a little joystick and 4 buttons. The cartridges would plug right into the side. You had different color screens you could add to the actually screen of the unit to make it looks like the games were in color. One of the oddest systems I had ever seen and it was a blast to play.

And last but not least… VIRTUAL BOY! I had gotten this I believe as a birthday gift and I remember I had Teleroboxer, Mario Tennis, and Mario Clash. I really liked this system for the amount of time I could play it. It really gave a nice 3D effect but there were 2 BIG downsides to this system. There was NO comfortable way to play this! I would either have to lean over a table sticking my face into it causing back / neck cramps or I tried reclining in a chair and resting it on my face but the weight would be too much to play like that for long. The other big down side is that the vivid red on black palette would really mess with your eyes after a not so long period of time. Hopefully the Nintendo 3Ds got it right, but this system definitely was fun, just in small sessions!

This one is an honorable mention since A) It is not a “system” and B) It’s not the actual game up for auction which I am sure would cost a but-load of cash! Time Traveler by Sega! They had positioned this game right out front of the local Dream Machine arcade back in the day and it just drew me in! It gave you the illusion that the characters were a hologram and you can even reach out and try to touch them! VERY Star Trek Holodek-esqe! The game played very much like Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace where you would have a flash or some kind of indication to perform an action but instead of cartoon, this was with live action video. Think Dragon’s Lair meets Mad Dog McCree. VERY tough game!

Check out the video of the game here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lyTasMAYic


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The MAN in blue…

/ 9 years ago

My favorite video game character (other than Mario) has to be Mega Man! The tiny little blue powerhouse that steals the powers from his defeated enemies. Such an awesome character trait that I am sure it inspired Mortal Kombat’s Shang Tsung’s “Soul Stealing” power. I had always rocked some Rock Man all the way from NES to the XBLA Arcade titles and I am excited about Mega Man Universe (see further into the post for details).

PC Mega Man??? Yeah, I did not know that Mega Man 1 came out for the PC. In fact, it didn’t. This is a real Mega Man game, but is not a port of the NES classic. I have never played it but read it is pretty bad. They also released a similar type of title for Mega Man 3 for the PC but skipped making a horrible Mega Man 2 for some reason.

What post could be complete without a lot of some sort! This one is of the OG 6 with boxes. The price isn’t that bad (for now) seeing as they are all in the boxes.

I posted this one up because I had never seen this piece of artwork for Mega Man 3. That is because it is the Australian release. Looks QUITE a bit different than the US version. I don’t know which one I dig more.

MEGA MAN! MEGA MAN! Chant it from the “bleachers” with this Foam Mega Buster! Given out at San Diego Comic Con 2010 to promote Mega Man Universe which is coming out for XBLA and PSN.

Here is a video for Mega Man universe showing game play: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pptzMQvpQPQ

The full game also has a HUGE level builder which I am sure will be the big selling point of the game.

Check out Mega Man Universe info at: http://www.joystiq.com/game/mega-man-universe


What can I say? I like oddball eBay items! Here are a couple Mega Man ones I found and “like” so I thought I would post em’.

How perfect is this? “E” Energy Tank Energy Drink! PERFECT! The price? Not so much… Damn you Japan and all your awesome exclusives!

Ok, the Halo Cosplay outfit was actually cool looking but this? Really? Not that this would make it any less horrible but it doesn’t even have a helmet! It looks like a big blue Nutcracker costume.


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/ 9 years ago

With the memorable release date of 9/9/99 the Dreamcast hit store shelves in the USA. I remember there was quite a bit of buzz about it and could not wait to get my hands on one! I remember walking through the perfume wreaked halls of the local Macy’s to play the Dreamcast demo unit that they had on display.

It was a smaller counter top version than the one above and I would make sure to go into Macy’s every time I hit up the mall until release. I remember me and my older brother got the Dreamcast as a VERY early Christmas gift. We would usually ask for one big gift each year with Dreamcast being one, Snes being another, and Turbo Grafx 16 being the other system that I can remember getting.

Sonic Adventures was and still is an excellent game. Anyone that had a Dreamcast knows this, but my favorite game was BLUE STINGER!

Blue Stinger was a 3rd person sci-fi game that looked BEAUTIFUL for it’s time!

Other Dreamcast items of interest I found:

The Resident Evil system! Sega put out ALOT of different Dreamcast consoles (mostly in Japan of course) but this one hit shores here as well. Thing that sucks is that most Dreamcast variants were just a different color and a different box just as this one is. I wanted it back then since I am a huge RE fan but looking back, I see that it was nothing special.

A decent lot for sale. Price is not bad but game selection is a little lacking but at least it has Sonic Adventures and Crazy Taxi 1 & 2!

A cheap system posted up. Looks like you can get them pretty cheap on eBay if your just looking for a system with a game or 2.

Oddball Auctions:

Ok, I found 1 Dreamcast item that I did not know existed until today (since it is a JP exclusive that’s not surprising) and thought it was hilarious!

Yeah! Karaoke adapter! I just read up that the unit used to use some dial up service (that was in Japan only and is long dead) to get the songs but from what I read it seems like it doesn’t store the songs or come with songs making this unit completely useless outside of just a collection piece. Pretty interesting to see that this was actually made though.

This one I just posted for pure comedy…

Ok, can anyone tell me what is wrong with this image? They listed this image in the auction to show that the unit has been “Tested and works!”. I must have missed the day they released Zelda for the Dreamcast! Not to mention that the html code for the austion was posted and looks awful, yet people still bid on it…  Great work guys!