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RRoD strikes AGAIN!!!

/ 9 years ago

Oh Microsoft… how I loathe that you put out a faulty system that has such great games. I bought my 360 back in 2006 and I had RROD once (Red Rings of death) while it was within the 3 year extended warranty so I order my Xbox 360 coffin (the white box Microsoft used to send back to have the broken system shipped back in) and sent it in and had it fixed and sent back to me within 3 weeks. Not too bad and it did not cost me anything. Now, my system that was previously “fixed” just crapped out on me again and is not in warranty. I checked and Microsoft charges $99.00 to fix it. I can get a used referbished system for less that that thru Gamestop so if all else fails, that is the route I think I will go. In the meantime I am tying to fix it myself. I have the system all torn apart and cleaned up. I am wondering if anyone here has tried either of the 2 methods below…

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Sending the unit out
Posted by: apsonic1
One options I have found where people will fix the system for around $35 – $45 but you have to send your system out to them. I don’t know how much I trust this but if anyone has tried it or knows of a legit one in particular that they have used, let me know.

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RROD Repair Kit
Posted by: bigcc9
This is an options I am more secure with since I am a bit of a “hands on” type of person. Like I said, I already have the system torn apart and have checked out some online tutorials. I think I am going to try it without the kit at first (just cleaning up the system and replacing the thermal compound) but if that does not work I think I will be buying one of these!



Some old school rare-ness!

/ 9 years ago

Thought I would post up some rare old school games, old school to me is Atari and older since I grew up on Nintendo and forward. I remember playing some Atari when I was a kid but the first game I ever played was Kung-Fu for the NES so anything before that is “old school” in my book.

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Atlantis II
Posted by: chessguy2002
This seems to be one of the more rare Atari games to ever have been “released”! I say released, because it was only given out to 4 contest winners! It comes in the same case as Atlantis so it seems like there are a lot of fakes out there so this auction seems to have the most legit supporting documents to go with it. Check out the other images to see all the documentation. Here is a write up about the game from www.atariage.com “This is a special contest version of Atlantis. It was sent to the high scorers of the Defend Atlantis contest so that they could determine the top four scorers. The top four players from Atlantis II would be flown to Bermuda for an Atlantis shoot-out and a chance to win $10,000. While the game graphics are the same, it is much faster and fewer points are awarded for hits, making the game much more challenging. The actual scoring graphics are slightly different as well.”

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Posted by: zz11zz
The person that posted this one up says it is extremely rare but I cannot seem to find much info on it. It is an Atari 400 game which was one of the less popular Atari systems out there. I have never even played Atari 400 or 800 but would like to try one out sometime. Seems like any info I come across of this game is someone trying to sell it so who knows if it is rare or not…

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Dig Dug Lot
Posted by: pikachu0_7
Here is a game I know about! DIG DUG!!! I love Dig Dug, one of my favorite arcade games, this game however is and Intellivision game and not an Atari game. It is a mint in box copy of the game and a bunch of cool extras including sweet Dig Dug clock, T-Shirt, and some other awesome stuff! Check out the other pictures to see all the awesomeness!


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Do you like card games?

/ 9 years ago

I don’t… but these are not really card games per say. This is another failed item from Nintendo called the “e-Reader”!

E-Reader Game Boy Advance Lot
Posted by: nintendogamesandmoregames
Here it is! The e-Reader! Ugly little thing, isn’t it? Well, what this is (was?) is a card reader for the Game Boy that used cards with small strips of encoded data on them that would load up games or add ons for games. Very bizarre and never really took off as even the smallest games took multiple cards with multiple swipes to load up and you would have to swipe the cards every time you wanted to play the game.

Mario 3 card pack
Posted by: nintendogamesandmoregames
This right here is not a game, it is a pack of cards that were released for the e-Reader that would give you extra levels and add ons for games. I would like to check out the extra Super Mario Bros. 3 levels but I don’t see myself ever getting an e-Reader let alone paying big banks for these SMB3 cards! Maybe they have em’ on emulators…

Excite Bike complete game
Posted by: silvermermaidus
Here is a full game of Excite Bike. As you can see it takes 5 cards for 1 game (and not a very “beefy” game at that) and each card appears to have 2 swipe able edges so gotta run 10 edges¬†through the reader, hope they read right, and then you get to play! All set on that.

A little bonus info about the e-Reader

Here is a list of all the classic NES games that were released for the e-Reader

Balloon Fight
Clu Clu Land
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Jr.
Donkey Kong 3
Ice Climber
Mario Bros.
Urban Champion



Newness: Call of Duty: Black Ops

/ 9 years ago

I need to make a post about this though I have yet to play it which pains me. The new COD game is out if you didn’t know (sarcasm anyone?) and they released 3 different editions of the game. Why not! Why spend $59.99 on a game when you can spend more than double on the game and an RC car!!! On to the breakdown!

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Regular Edition
Posted by: wrestlerlink80
Might as well start with the one most frugal folks are getting. I barely ever buy anything other than the regular editions. I am a GAMER, I want to play the GAME! This edition come with the game. Yup, it comes with the game.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Hardened Edition
Posted by: jeffreybconaway
Hardened edition. For those that want to waste money, but not get anything for the extra money. What “extra” do you get? The game comes in a metal case (like ALL special editions… I want to know when this gimmick is going to get old), a medal with display case (I don’t need this for any reason whatsoever), four exclusive co-op levels (one of the only things I would be interested in), and an Xbox Live of PSN Network Avatar outfit! Oh boy! An extra $20 for some co-op maps that will probably be released in a pack in a few months with some others for $15? I think I’ll pass on Hardened…

(Click for more images)

Call of Duty: Black Ops Prestige Edition
Posted by: buy
Prestige Edition, the big daddy, the bank breaker! Retailing at $149.99, which will buy you 2 new games and $30 worth of Microsoft or PSN points this beast comes with the above mentioned Hardened Edition stuff as well as… A remote controlled track with a camera built in? Yeah… I thought the COD that came with the night vision goggles was a pretty cool idea but I don’t know what I think of this. I can’t see anyone using this RC car past one or two full battery charges which would only last about 10 minutes. I would rather pass on the RC car and get another game with the extra cash.


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Fable II for FREE! Really!

/ 9 years ago

I don’t know why, but Microsoft has posted up Fable II for free! I am not sure for how long but I got it, it works, and here is the link: Fable II for free!

Just click the link, log into your Xbox account, and download it! It will start to download next time you turn on your system.

I ask for nothing in return, but isf you want to pay me back, check out all my posts. ūüėČ

Maybe you can play and it can get you ready for Fable III! Check out the sweet collectors edition!

Fable III Limited Edition
Posted By: parkersbestmart


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A little somthing…

/ 9 years ago

I am working on a HUGE post so I am just going to post up ONE awesome item I came across as well as a related game. I SHOULD have the HUGE post done for tomorrow and here is a little hint… It is about a video game company that has been around since 1889. No, that is not a typo. I said 1889.

(click for more pictures if available)

PC Engine LT Laptop
Posted by: draggindawgs

While working on my huge post I randomly came across this gem. Now, I posted up about the Turbo Express portable a bit back, but I had no idea that it’s foreign “brother” was so much more badass! This is a PC Engine LT (Laptop)! It plays PC Engine HU Cards and folds open like a laptop.

(click for more pictures if available)

Keith Courage in Alpha Zone
Posted by: andrei710

I thought since I was making a TurboGrafx related post, I might as well post my favorite game on the system. Bonks Adventures is one of my favorites, but that tile became multi-platform after a while. Keith Courage in Alpha Zone was the best exclusive title in opinion, and when I bought my system, it came for free as a pack in!

Ok, that is it for now. Be ready for the monster sized post!


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You probably owned an “illegal” Nintendo game and didn’t know it…

/ 9 years ago

You remember good old NES Carts? Those grey beauties just sitting there in a few old shoe boxes, gold top of a Zelda cart sticking out like a soar thumb… But wait, there is a BLACK cartridge, and it’s shaped weird… “Rolling Thunder” eh? What is with this?

Yeah,¬†I used¬†to have Rolling Thunder and just knew it was in a different case than Nintendo games. I thought it was cool and different back in the day. What I now know is that Tengen, the company that put these out did not like Nintendo’s “guidelines” for how many titles they were allowed to release so guess what? They said SCREW YOU to Nintendo, hacked the block out chip, and released the unlicensed games themselves! Nintendo was pissed and the case was taken to court and Nintendo won.

Full info at  the Wiki.

Before the lawsuit, Tengen had only released 3 titles in the legal / licensed way and then unlicensed versions of them after they told Nintendo to screw themselves.

I have posted 2 of the 3 licensed vs unlicensed titles below for some examples.

(Click for more pictures)
Unlicensed version of Pac-Man
Posted by: konggames

(Click for more pictures)
Licensed version of Pac-Man
Posted by: cjmarq2345

(Click for more pictures)
Unlicensed version of Gauntlet
Posted by: bbigddadybboom

(Click for more pictures)
Licensed version of Gauntlet
Posted by: lucrative-gaming

You can see in comparing them that the big difference is the cart color / shape. The one that is not so obvious is that the black carts are missing this…

Also, I decided to list 2 of my favorite Tengen games that were never released as licensed version, yet tons of people had them in their collections…

(Click for more pictures)
Rolling Thunder – If you have never played this, PLAY IT! They need an XBLA / PSN re-vamp of this game!
Posted by: puckuluck

(Click for more pictures)
TOOBIN’ – Toobin’ was a fun, mindless game. Really fun in the arcade.
Posted by: sosafan2

I know there are other companies that put out unlicensed Nintendo games back in the day (which I may touch on in the future) but this is probably the most known.


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The struggle for control

/ 9 years ago

I decided to post up some of the weirdest video game console peripherals ever made since I have seen some pretty bad ones. I have never had the “pleasure” of trying any of these but have only heard “great” things about them.

(Click for more picture)

Nintendo NES Power Glove W/ Box Complete Vintage Rare
Looked at as an more of an “icon” than something that anyone actually used, this Nintendo Power Glove posted by kdrbt228¬†is one of the first bad peripherals that came to mind. There was 1 game released (Glove Ball) that was specifically for the Power Glove but you could use it with any game… supposedly. You had to enter in a special code in order to use it for a specific game and then it still didn’t work. I would want one of these as a display piece but I don’t think anyone wants to use one.

(Click for more picture)

Rare Sega Activator Genesis Game Controller Complete
Project Natal / Kinect… WATCH OUT! ellapalooza¬†has the Sega Genesis ACTIVATOR for sale! This is an octagon you place on the ground and each segment of the octagon operates a different button function. So, in order to move to the right in lets say, Mortal Kombat, you would have to flail an arm or leg over the right segment of the octagon and then to punch you would flail a limb over the upper right section of the octagon. Sounds like a great idea! Wonder why this sucked so much…

(Click for more picture)

Uforce power field controller for Nintendo
Amazingly, this one seems to work better than the others listed. mtestate¬†has this Uforce motion controller for the Nintendo listed up. Kinda like the above Activator it seems like you wave your hands over certain sections to perform certain actions. This ones is setup like a book though and since you don’t flail your limbs it seems easier to control than the above Activator. Still not worth even trying, but not as bad as the “other” options at the time.

(Click for more picture)

coleco vision controllers
This ones that generalzods_gamingzone listed seems the most normal out of them but still a bit odd. Looks like an old video game joystick made nasty love to a Guitar Hero controller. Multi color hand grip buttons that had uses for certain games. I bet at the time they thought this would be the best way to map out a multi button controller.


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Not your fathers arcade games!

/ 9 years ago

Rather they would be more likely to be your “Grandpa” or “Great Grampa’s” arcade game! I came across these old “arcade” games and¬†thought they were quite interesting. Arcade games before them damn fancy electronics were added in.

I don’t care if you like old arcade units like this but even if you don’t this thing still looks SWEET! firstcabinstuff¬†has restored this unit to such a beautiful condition that this thing looks like it was just made. Reminds me of those domed hockey games.

Thought I would post this picture as well to show how score was kept. Yeah, just slide the points over! Old school!

This one is in not so nice shape. Pretty cool looking Hockey machine posted by anyingodd that I can’t quite figure out from the pictures how it is played. I wish they would have taken a top photo of the “playing field” so it would be easier to figure out. This would be a nice restore project for someone that wants to put some time and love into this piece of history.

mike1635 has a bunch of cool old Coin-Op stuff posted up but this is my favorite from what he has listed. Another one that would be a nice restore. Looks like a pinball style machine with multiple balls and different scoring holes. Not like anything I have ever seen before.

Now get off my lawn you young whipper snappers!!!


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Your “princess” is in “another” castle…

/ 9 years ago

“Princess” Meaning Zelda and “Another” meaning Ganon’s. Yeah, you see what I did there? I am making this post about Zelda and some awesome (and not so awesome) old school Zelda action. There are TONS of items for Zelda and Link so don’t be surprised if I make another Zelda post down the road.

Of course! Gotta have the 2 titles that started it all and mustang2005gtblackhas em! The easiest to spot cartridges in anyone’s NES collection. Just look for the glowing golden cart! It was always easy to find my Zelda carts as well as my Rolling Thunder and OG Tetris cart. These ones are certified and sealed in a protective video game condom and just like a condom, it makes these less “exciting”. I want to PLAY my games, not look at the box all pristine in a case. I “get” the whole idea of MINT collecting, it’s just not for me.

I had to post this one up here for one simple reason… I had this watch! Now air_flight_museumhas posted one of these beauties up for sale! Back in the day I had my mom buy this for me. I think I got it at KB Toys which I am not even sure if that chain even exists anymore. KB seemed to get the best video game stuff and always had the more rare / odd type of items. This watch was pretty cool from what I remember of it but the “gameplay” gave about 2 minutes of enjoyment. Much like old school Tiger Electronics games. Speaking of which, I need to do a Tiger post…

Bootleg? No, ellapalooza has posted up one of the few Zelda releases that was not released for a Nintendo system. This was a release on the gaming system called CD-I which stands for “Compact Disc Interactive” and was one of the first CD based systems out there. The system didn’t last very long and if you check out this game footage from Zelda’s Adventureyou could probably figure out why. I will also be doing a more involved CD-I post in the future.

And bunnysstuff has posted up the demo disc for the above posted game. I never owned a CD-I but I did however get to play this “gem” of a demo at my local Circuit City when it first came out back in the day.

bunnysstuff¬† also has an auction up with ALL 3 of the Zelda games released for CD-I as well as “Hotel Mario” which was another sought after CD-I game. I would say these are probably the only 4 CD-I games that people are interested in collecting due to the use of such known characters.


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