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Worth It’s Weight In Balloons

/ 7 years ago

I do enjoy today’s generation of video games but I’m really a retro gamer at heart. In fact my friend Steve just set the second highest score in Turbo Ms. Pac Man a couple of months back… pretty cool. The reason I bring up retro games is because I’m curious as to how many of you ever played Balloon Fight on the NES? Even back then, it wasn’t that great…kinda like a more family friendly version of Joust. The only reason I ever played it was because my buddy growing up had the entire run of first gen NES games (except for Urban Champion for some reason) so I was able to play all of them. sosafan2 has a complete boxed version of the original game including an ad for the then brand new Nintendo Power magazine. Does the game hold up today? I’m leaning towards no but it’s definitely a cool piece of retro gaming.

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