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Final Fantasy Famicom Fever

/ 8 years ago

Definitely a cool Lot of items to pick up from efield293 but the problem is for our non-Japanese speaking audience, these are going to be incredibly difficult to play as they’re the Japanese editions of my favorite RPG series. If it weren’t for FFVII, VI would be my favorite game ever. Just an incredible story with optional characters, dozens of Espers and just all around great customizable gameplay. A fitting end to an era on the 16 bit console.

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/ 8 years ago

Golgo 13 is the motherfucking man. If you have never seen the anime or played the game you are missing out. I remember getting Top Secret Episode for NES. Man that shit was on point, Golgo fucks dudes up. susi-sumo-jpn is selling a Famicom Golgo 13 game. I’ve never seen this or played this game before. But I bet it kicks ass.



Time for a PARTY!!! 3rd PARTY!!!

/ 9 years ago

Some people don’t know these exist so I thought I would post em’ up. What i am posting up are 3rd part NES, SNES, and Genesis systems. Pretty odd that these exist but the price and convenience of some of them is pretty damn good.

crazydealguy has a 3rd party NES system posted up as well as some other 3rd party systems / supplies.. This unit plays NES and Famicom games just like an old school Nintendo. Comes with some UGLY controllers but one good thing is that they have the same controller ports as a regular NES controller so you could just grab an old school controller.

Also from crazydealguy  is this NES and Genesis combo. Quite a weird combo if you ask me! You figure they would make a NES and SNES combo instead of a NES Genesis combo…

Ahh, ok! If you are looking for a NES and SNES combo system then luckygamers has what you are looking for! Plays Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Famicom, and Super Famicom games.  They don’t show the controllers but by the look of the diagram on the box it looks like they are SNES controller clones. But what if I want all 3 systems in one?

YES! In fact, yes-avenue has what you are looking for! A system that plays NES, SNES, Genesis, Famicom, Super Famicom, and Mega Drive games! I enjoy a good original old school console being hooked up but I can TOTALLY see why someone might want this so they only need one unit hooked up to take the place of 3 (or 6 if you are a JP game player). Has wireless controllers but also has ports for NES, SNES, and Genesis controllers.


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