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Completely Restored Vintage STAR WARS Video Arcade Game

/ 6 years ago

bwagner5150 you sly fox you. Check out this completely restored vintage Star Wars Arcade Game. Here are the specs.

You are bidding on a fully restored, vintage Atari Star Wars upright video arcade game. This game is in as close to new condition as you will ever find, and has just been restored by a picky, admittedly anal collector. Everything is fully-working, and is nothing short of beautiful. Nothing but the best parts in the business have been used.The cabinet is a brand new John Gerlach / Boulder Arcades melamine-protected cabinet that was precision computer CNC-milled to the exact specifications of the original. It looks perfect and brand new like the machine just came out of the box, and is identical to the original. All new side art, front art, marquee art, control panel art and controller yoke art has been installed at a cost of several hundred dollars. This is the good stuff from Phoenix Arcades, using the original silk screens from Atari. All new t-molding, leg lifters, leg lifter plates, and t-nuts have been installed. The controller and handles have been stripped, retextured, and repainted, and new silk-screened art was applied. The vertical coin door was stripped, retextured, and repainted, and new matching door locks and coin insert bulbs were installed. Its Wells Garder 6100 monitor was professionally repaired and recapped, along with all new chassis transistors for a long life.


Comes with the original coin bucket and coin mechanisms, and can be set for either freeplay or quarters.
Comes with a copy of the original owner’s manual and technical schematics on DVD.”


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Star Wars Yahoo!!!!

/ 7 years ago

Okay arcadetoybox2, you’re killing me. Of the 7 items you have for sale, I want this just as much as the Tron machine. Granted, it’s not the sit down machine but it’s close. I think this was one of the first games to include actual dialog from a film in it. Just an amazing looking piece of retro gaming that any Star Wars fan would love. Must. Own. Someday.

click to view on ebay

click to view on ebay


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