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Atari Game Lot BIN (plus two systems …)

/ 8 years ago

Here’s a pretty sweet lot. It’s funny, I know the seller, dean.parrish. He’s a pretty young kid. I’m guessing these Atari games are twice as old as he is. But for $60, it’s hard to pass up. AND, he’s offering to throw in two systems, “AS IS.” He can’t vouch that they work. It happens. I find it’s funny that he doesn’t mention WHICH Atari system these are for, but looking at the cartridges, I’d guess 2600. Go get this one. Canyon Bomber. So good.


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Cowboys And Aliens: Wild Guns for the SNES

/ 8 years ago

Anyone seen Cowboys And Aliens yet? Not me. I’m a nerd, but I’m not much for hitting up the movies. I’d rather spend a night in front of the computer. But when I saw the trailers, all I could think about was Wild Guns for the SNES. I know you remember this one.


Cowboys and aliens, for sure. Plenty of great action and the gameplay was definitely ahead of its time. Think about it. 1995. What else were you playing at this time with such great third-person shooter actions? Not much, that’s for sure. Grab this one. Looks like it’s in great condition. I don’t think I ever played as Annie. That seems odd.



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Fell On Black Days-Super Nintendo (SNES) System + Rare Games

/ 8 years ago

I don’t even know where to begin with kbtone251 listing. So I will let you read for yourselves.

This is my original Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It is in mint condition, comes in original box with all instructions, retail price sticker on box, and I even have original receipt of purchase ( date: 10/11/1991). Most of the games I have are really rare, the game titles are listed below. Of course the price I am asking for this is not how much the system and games are worth, but to me it’s very valuable and worth more than just money. I’ve had the system and collected these games since I was a kid, and it’s hard to let go of it. I remember opening up the system for my birthday and playing the system all day and all night, and each day saving up my allowances to buy each of these games. Sure I could always find another system and the same games someday, but it’s something about this that it was my original.

I hate to tell a sad story because I am one that usually never expects anything or asks anyone for anything. But truth is I am desperately in need of this money. I am overwhelmed with debt and barely making ends meet. I am also urgently in need of massive dental care and I am not able to afford the financing for it. Truly I really do feel embarrassed and ashamed to list such an ad, but I am not sure where else to turn. I just thought I should find the MOST valuable thing to me that I have, and hopefully some wealthy person or organization would be so kind and find it in their heart to purchase this system and games from me for my asking price. I would really appreciate it more than you’ll know.

And please do not contact me to criticize me and tell me I am out of my mind. Due to my situation, I am not far from it. Please understand. Thanks.

Here’s what you get:

Super Nintendo (SNES) Sytem with box and instruction manuals + original receipt.

Mouse & Mouse Pad for Mario Paint

Official Nintendo SNES Game Cartridge holder


1. Mega Man X

2. Mega Man X 3

3. Super Mario World

4. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island

5. Super Mario Kart

6. Super Mario All Stars (4 in 1 game)

7. Super Mario All Stars + Super Mario World (5 in 1 game)

8. Mario Paint

9. Donkey Kong Country 1

10. Donkey Kong Country 2

11. Donkey Kong Country 3

12. Contra III: Alien Wars

13. Turtles IV: Turtles in Time

14. Secret of Mana

15. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

16. Aladdin

17. Killer Instinct

18. Top Gear 2 “

So if anyone with a heart like Brad Pitt reads this please buy this SNES.


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/ 8 years ago

Golgo 13 is the motherfucking man. If you have never seen the anime or played the game you are missing out. I remember getting Top Secret Episode for NES. Man that shit was on point, Golgo fucks dudes up. susi-sumo-jpn is selling a Famicom Golgo 13 game. I’ve never seen this or played this game before. But I bet it kicks ass.



Do you like card games?

/ 9 years ago

I don’t… but these are not really card games per say. This is another failed item from Nintendo called the “e-Reader”!

E-Reader Game Boy Advance Lot
Posted by: nintendogamesandmoregames
Here it is! The e-Reader! Ugly little thing, isn’t it? Well, what this is (was?) is a card reader for the Game Boy that used cards with small strips of encoded data on them that would load up games or add ons for games. Very bizarre and never really took off as even the smallest games took multiple cards with multiple swipes to load up and you would have to swipe the cards every time you wanted to play the game.

Mario 3 card pack
Posted by: nintendogamesandmoregames
This right here is not a game, it is a pack of cards that were released for the e-Reader that would give you extra levels and add ons for games. I would like to check out the extra Super Mario Bros. 3 levels but I don’t see myself ever getting an e-Reader let alone paying big banks for these SMB3 cards! Maybe they have em’ on emulators…

Excite Bike complete game
Posted by: silvermermaidus
Here is a full game of Excite Bike. As you can see it takes 5 cards for 1 game (and not a very “beefy” game at that) and each card appears to have 2 swipe able edges so gotta run 10 edges¬†through the reader, hope they read right, and then you get to play! All set on that.

A little bonus info about the e-Reader

Here is a list of all the classic NES games that were released for the e-Reader

Balloon Fight
Clu Clu Land
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Jr.
Donkey Kong 3
Ice Climber
Mario Bros.
Urban Champion



Look at the set of lungs on “her”?

/ 9 years ago

Or Him? It??? Anyway, Sorry for the long break… I was gone for a bit because I am now a married man but I am back with some video game goods! Thought I would kick right back into things with a post about one of the few games I have been playing lately and that is Kirby Epic Yarn for the WII.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn for Nintendo Wii
Posted by: farm240sxboy
This game is a BLAST to play but just too easy. You cannot die in it at all which just makes it like walking thru with invincibility on. I wish they would have held back on the easy of play on this but that is my only complaint. Other than that the game is very fun to play and keeps me coming back.

Kirby’s Adventure for Nintendo Entertainment System
Posted by: online_retro_treasures
The game that started it all! Kirby is such an awesome character that it surprises me that he is not a 1st party mascot. One of the games that came out kinda near the peak end of the life of the NES and is still one of my favorite games to just pop in and play.

Super Nintendo console with Kirby Super Star
Posted by: hugapuggy123
This SNES comes with Kirby Super Star which seems like they were trying to get some of that “Mario All Star” action for the Kirby brand. It boasts 8 games which are a combo of platform and mini games. I have never checked this game out but now I NEED to!

Kirby Figures
Posted by: minmineasy
And for fans of collect ables we have a nice little collection of 1 1/2″ tall Kirby figures. Great for the dashboard or the top of an old NES!


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