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What is thanksgiving?

/ 9 years ago

Turkey, Indians, and Pilgrims!!!

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Wild Turkey Hunt
Posted by: tysondickes
I thought I would post up some thankgiving games so what better way to celebrate then to blast away some pixilated turkeys!

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Whomp Em for Nintendo Entertainment System
Posted by: usgaming
Turkey and Indians! Yeah, a good old NES game called “WHOMP EM” staring a stereotypical indian in a game that is most likely innocent in it’s intent, but would not see the light of day today with that name and character. We are just TOO PC for that now… They game looks like a decent classic side scroller and pretty much looks like it plays like a mele-style Mega Man Whomp Em video on Youtube

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Posted by: virtual_merchandise
Scott Pilgrim? Nope, Just plain old Pilgrim. A classic PC adveture game that is sure to entertain anyone on a quite Thanksgiving day.

Just a little somthing for your holiday! I will be back after the holiday with a special “interactive” blog post that will “test your sight”!


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