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Sandwich Clamps 2 – Portable Gaming Boogaloo!

/ 9 years ago

So I posted licensed handheld systems that were not so successful throughout the years for my last previous post. Now I am posting some 3rd party / non licenses handhelds that you may not even know exist!

Yes, this is in fact a portable NES! This plays full size NES cartridges and Famicom cartridges as well. I would have killed for one of these back in the day but one thins sucks about this… NES carts, not exactly very portable.

Here is another portable NES, the 2nd version of the unit posted above. What sets this one aside is that it also has wireless controls, a wireless light zapper and the ability to hook it up to your TV. So not only is it portable, but it also can act as a regular system!

Is this a fat Nintendo DS? No, this is a handheld SNES! Yeah, very similar to the portable NES units above this can play SNES and Super Famicom carts. SNES carts are a little more portable than NES carts, but this system is THICK! It is bigger than a NDSi XL and probably about 4 times as thick. Good luck putting that in your pocket unless you are still rocking JNCO pants.

Sega Genesis handheld, which doesn’t make too much sense since unlike the systems above, Sega put out a portable Genesis (see previes blog post). I wonder if the battery life is any better on this unit though.

This unit right here I am unsure if it is licensed or not. By the looks of the packaging and the included games this is either licensed, or a company that is looking forward to geting sued real quick. This unit DOES NOT have a cartridge port but has 20 good Sega Genesis games built into it to play. So, this unit is more “portable” than the others, but you are ver limited on what you can play. At least it has Sonic and Knuckles.

A PSP! Wait, nope. This is a fake PSP clone that does not play PSP games. You can use this to play MP3s, Videos and what we care about here… GAMES! This unit can run NES, SNES, GENESIS, and a bunch of other game emulators. The issue I have with this unit is the fact that it is $125. You can get a used PSP for under $100 and put emulators on it and still play PSP games if you want. There is no need for this unit at all.