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5 Things you don’t know about Nintendo!

/ 9 years ago

Ok, I decided to compile a list of 5 Nintendo tidbits that a lot of people are not aware of. This is not meant to be the 5 BEST tidbits or anything, just a list of 5 oddball bits of info that I find quite interesting and I hope you do as well!

On with the list!!!

#5 – The Super Mario Bros. 2 You know and love is not Super Mario Bros 2.

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Super Mario Bros. 2
Posted by: russelstoll

You see that above?  Super Mario Brothers 2, right?  Well, not exactly.  In America this is known as Super Mario Brothers 2 but in actuality it is this game…

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Doki Doki Panic
Posted by: nmr509

See some familiar looking “baddies” above but not the “heroes” you know and love? That is because this is Doki Doki Panic! Nintendo needed to put out SMB2 due to it’s HUGE popularity. They made a SMB2 that was very similar to SMB1 but was deemed “Too difficult” for us dumb Americans. So, they took Doki Doki Panic, a game unknown to us Americans, and swapped out the title screen for SMB2 title screens and the characters for Mario characters and sold it in the states as Super Mario Bros. 2!

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Super Mario Bros. 2 (JP)
Posted by: from_my_game_collection_to_yours

Shown above is the REAL Super Mario Bros. 2. This was later released on the Mario All-Stars collection under the name of Super Mario Bros. Lost Levels.

#4 – Nintendo had some pornographic games released for it.

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Peek-A-Boo Poker
Posted by: jeffw0824

Much like the Tengen games but a lot less available, Panesian made some unlicensed games but instead of porting over popular games from other systems, they decided to make pornographic video games! Panesian made the above posted Pee-A-Boo Poker as well as 2 other adult titles called Hot Slots, and Bubble Bath Babes. I had actually seen these back in the day in the “Cult” section of this little independently owned video store but was not old enough to rent them. I wish I would have rented and kept them back in the day since they are now likely to get you over $1,000 each. Another little “fun fact” about Panesian is they are now a computer monitor manufacture that goes under the name “MAG”, and I used to have one of those monitors.

#3 – Nintendo made a breakfast cereal back in the late 80’s.

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Nintendo Cereal (Magnet)
Posted by: traci*s

“NIN-TEN-D0, it’s a cereal, WOW!” is the slogan I can remember from back when this came out. I thought this cereal was sooo badass since A) It was a NES cereal and B) It came in 2 different varieties in the same box! I would usually chow down on the Mario half, while my brother was more of a Link fan.

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Nintendo Cereal (Magazine Ad)
Posted by: kenyatabks

Here is a sweet magazine add for the cereal with such awesome quotes as “This tastes SUPER!” and even better than that… “We rescued breakfast!”.

#2 – Nintendo has been in business since 1889.

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Nintendo Playing Cards
Posted by: mitsuru7306

So, if you didn’t guess my “teaser clue” from yesterday that it was Nintendo, it wouldn’t surprise me since not many people know that Nintendo started as a playing card manufacturing company back in 1889 making playing cards called Hanafuda cards used for numerous types of games.

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101 Dalmations Playing Cards
Posted by: teyandeh

Nintendo and Disney licensed products? Yeah, it happened, and this is VINTAGE 1960’s stuff, pre-Mario indeed!

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N&B Block Clock Kit
Posted by: bg47726

Nintendo also tried getting into the Lego market in the 60’s with their own type of linking children’s blocks they called N&B Blocks.

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Super Mario Land 2 – 6 Golden Coins
Posted by: blackbear825

An homage to these blocks can be seen in the Game Boy game Super Mario Land 2 – 6 Golden Coins

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Color TV Game 15
Posted by: japaneseitemsrus

Nintendo Entertainment System (or Famicom) was Nintendo’s first home video game console? Not exactly, seen above is the Color TV Game 15, one of the video game units that Nintendo made back in 1977. The units played a couple different versions / modes of the same game, much like all the PONG units of the 70’s.

#1 – Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda, and the Wii was originally hired by Nintendo as a Staff Artist back in 1977.

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Innovators – Shigeru Miyamoto Hardcover Book
Posted by: shoppingspreellc

Man, is hind site 20/20! I am sure when Nintendo hired on Mr. Miyamoto as a Staff Artist they were not expecting to have one of the most important people in video game history in their ranks! Now he has books written about him! Talk about climbing the corporate ladder. Without him, they may have been nothing more than just another electronics company trying to find their niche all these years.

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Donkey Kong – Game & Watch
Posted by: garfn7

Here is a nice Donkey Kong Game & Watch signed by Mr. Miyamoto. The man does not make too many public singing appearances so this is a pretty cool item!

Well, that is it for this EPIC sized Nintendo post! Hope you learned something about the biggest (and oldest) gaming company!


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Old School Oddball!

/ 9 years ago

In the words of Keith Olberman, “Let’s play Oddball!”. I decided to post up about 3 odd systems. 2 are just odd systems in general and 1 is just a really OLD system but to the “youngins” will be an “odd” one and I will start off with that one first.

Yeah, PONG! In the 70’s home pong units were HUGE! A “console” that did one thing, played PONG. That’s right! This one however is DELUXE and runs 5, count em’ FIVE games! (that are probably a lot like Pong). Today you could fit the code to run Pong on something so small the human eye couldn’t see it but back in the day it took a whole console in order to render those bars and “ball” bouncing too and fro.

Vectrex! I probably would not know about this system except that my cousin had this and it was pretty fun. The unit as seen above had the “tv” built in and was just black and white. The unit also has a controller that would fold out from the front connected by a telephone type of cord and had a little joystick and 4 buttons. The cartridges would plug right into the side. You had different color screens you could add to the actually screen of the unit to make it looks like the games were in color. One of the oddest systems I had ever seen and it was a blast to play.

And last but not least… VIRTUAL BOY! I had gotten this I believe as a birthday gift and I remember I had Teleroboxer, Mario Tennis, and Mario Clash. I really liked this system for the amount of time I could play it. It really gave a nice 3D effect but there were 2 BIG downsides to this system. There was NO comfortable way to play this! I would either have to lean over a table sticking my face into it causing back / neck cramps or I tried reclining in a chair and resting it on my face but the weight would be too much to play like that for long. The other big down side is that the vivid red on black palette would really mess with your eyes after a not so long period of time. Hopefully the Nintendo 3Ds got it right, but this system definitely was fun, just in small sessions!

This one is an honorable mention since A) It is not a “system” and B) It’s not the actual game up for auction which I am sure would cost a but-load of cash! Time Traveler by Sega! They had positioned this game right out front of the local Dream Machine arcade back in the day and it just drew me in! It gave you the illusion that the characters were a hologram and you can even reach out and try to touch them! VERY Star Trek Holodek-esqe! The game played very much like Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace where you would have a flash or some kind of indication to perform an action but instead of cartoon, this was with live action video. Think Dragon’s Lair meets Mad Dog McCree. VERY tough game!

Check out the video of the game here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lyTasMAYic


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