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Not your fathers arcade games!

/ 9 years ago

Rather they would be more likely to be your “Grandpa” or “Great Grampa’s” arcade game! I came across these old “arcade” games and¬†thought they were quite interesting. Arcade games before them damn fancy electronics were added in.

I don’t care if you like old arcade units like this but even if you don’t this thing still looks SWEET! firstcabinstuff¬†has restored this unit to such a beautiful condition that this thing looks like it was just made. Reminds me of those domed hockey games.

Thought I would post this picture as well to show how score was kept. Yeah, just slide the points over! Old school!

This one is in not so nice shape. Pretty cool looking Hockey machine posted by anyingodd that I can’t quite figure out from the pictures how it is played. I wish they would have taken a top photo of the “playing field” so it would be easier to figure out. This would be a nice restore project for someone that wants to put some time and love into this piece of history.

mike1635 has a bunch of cool old Coin-Op stuff posted up but this is my favorite from what he has listed. Another one that would be a nice restore. Looks like a pinball style machine with multiple balls and different scoring holes. Not like anything I have ever seen before.

Now get off my lawn you young whipper snappers!!!


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