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What is thanksgiving?

/ 9 years ago

Turkey, Indians, and Pilgrims!!!

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Wild Turkey Hunt
Posted by: tysondickes
I thought I would post up some thankgiving games so what better way to celebrate then to blast away some pixilated turkeys!

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Whomp Em for Nintendo Entertainment System
Posted by: usgaming
Turkey and Indians! Yeah, a good old NES game called “WHOMP EM” staring a stereotypical indian in a game that is most likely innocent in it’s intent, but would not see the light of day today with that name and character. We are just TOO PC for that now… They game looks like a decent classic side scroller and pretty much looks like it plays like a mele-style Mega Man Whomp Em video on Youtube

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Posted by: virtual_merchandise
Scott Pilgrim? Nope, Just plain old Pilgrim. A classic PC adveture game that is sure to entertain anyone on a quite Thanksgiving day.

Just a little somthing for your holiday! I will be back after the holiday with a special “interactive” blog post that will “test your sight”!


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A little somthing…

/ 9 years ago

I am working on a HUGE post so I am just going to post up ONE awesome item I came across as well as a related game. I SHOULD have the HUGE post done for tomorrow and here is a little hint… It is about a video game company that has been around since 1889. No, that is not a typo. I said 1889.

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PC Engine LT Laptop
Posted by: draggindawgs

While working on my huge post I randomly came across this gem. Now, I posted up about the Turbo Express portable a bit back, but I had no idea that it’s foreign “brother” was so much more badass! This is a PC Engine LT (Laptop)! It plays PC Engine HU Cards and folds open like a laptop.

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Keith Courage in Alpha Zone
Posted by: andrei710

I thought since I was making a TurboGrafx related post, I might as well post my favorite game on the system. Bonks Adventures is one of my favorites, but that tile became multi-platform after a while. Keith Courage in Alpha Zone was the best exclusive title in opinion, and when I bought my system, it came for free as a pack in!

Ok, that is it for now. Be ready for the monster sized post!


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Warning: Biohazard

/ 9 years ago

Resident Evil (known as Biohazard in Japan) has some of the best merchandise / collectible stuff out there for any video game in my opinion. It is also one of my all time favorite video game series so I decided to make a post on some rare / interesting items I have found.

A Resident Evil first aid kit may come in handy if the zombies actually ever do come for us. I like everything in this auction! It is just full of AWESOME and I know I will be saying this a lot but Japanese gamers get the coolest stuff. This kit was actually a prize that people could win playing a Biohazard Pachinko Slot Machine!

How awesome is that! Unfortunatly, I could not find one for sale. 😉

These keys right here should be familiar to any old school RE fan. These are full scale reproductions (can you say “reproduction” if the item’s were never real in the first place?) of the mansion keys used in the original Resident Evil. They actually made 4 different keys and only gave away 1 key to each person that attended the 1996 Tokyo Game Show so to get all 4 was nearly imposible. Said to be the rarest RE collectible, even seeing 2 of them posted up is a hard thing to find.

Movie props! Premiere Collectibles, one of the biggest prop sellers on ebay always get their hands on the Resident Evil movie props. They have a ton of them posted up right here at Premiere Props. This one is my favorite of what is posted up now thought I am usually more of a sucker for any of the props with the Umbrella logo on them.

If a gun is used in a Resident Evil (or to be more specific, BIOHAZARD) game then they have made an Airsoft gun replica and alot of them are licensed by Capcom. Not too many games that I know of have a line of guns! Of course, as always, all the cool stuff has to be kept from us via the great blue sea. Damn you again Japan, you luck bastards!

I will close with a rant:

Another RED SYSTEM!!! WTF!!! Ok, Dreamcast puts out their rare RE version of the Dreamcast system which was the regular Dreamcast, but RED. Then I hear that a limited editions Resident Evil Xbox 360 is in the works and I got excited and guess what? They did it AGAIN! Yeah, let’s paint the system red! Wanna add a zombie on it or at least a cool RE logo? NAAAAHH! Let’s just make it RED!!! Making a red system does not make it a RE system. I guess Virtual Boy was the Resident Evil edition.
*End rant*


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The MAN in blue…

/ 9 years ago

My favorite video game character (other than Mario) has to be Mega Man! The tiny little blue powerhouse that steals the powers from his defeated enemies. Such an awesome character trait that I am sure it inspired Mortal Kombat’s Shang Tsung’s “Soul Stealing” power. I had always rocked some Rock Man all the way from NES to the XBLA Arcade titles and I am excited about Mega Man Universe (see further into the post for details).

PC Mega Man??? Yeah, I did not know that Mega Man 1 came out for the PC. In fact, it didn’t. This is a real Mega Man game, but is not a port of the NES classic. I have never played it but read it is pretty bad. They also released a similar type of title for Mega Man 3 for the PC but skipped making a horrible Mega Man 2 for some reason.

What post could be complete without a lot of some sort! This one is of the OG 6 with boxes. The price isn’t that bad (for now) seeing as they are all in the boxes.

I posted this one up because I had never seen this piece of artwork for Mega Man 3. That is because it is the Australian release. Looks QUITE a bit different than the US version. I don’t know which one I dig more.

MEGA MAN! MEGA MAN! Chant it from the “bleachers” with this Foam Mega Buster! Given out at San Diego Comic Con 2010 to promote Mega Man Universe which is coming out for XBLA and PSN.

Here is a video for Mega Man universe showing game play: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pptzMQvpQPQ

The full game also has a HUGE level builder which I am sure will be the big selling point of the game.

Check out Mega Man Universe info at: http://www.joystiq.com/game/mega-man-universe


What can I say? I like oddball eBay items! Here are a couple Mega Man ones I found and “like” so I thought I would post em’.

How perfect is this? “E” Energy Tank Energy Drink! PERFECT! The price? Not so much… Damn you Japan and all your awesome exclusives!

Ok, the Halo Cosplay outfit was actually cool looking but this? Really? Not that this would make it any less horrible but it doesn’t even have a helmet! It looks like a big blue Nutcracker costume.


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