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Warning: Biohazard

/ 9 years ago

Resident Evil (known as Biohazard in Japan) has some of the best merchandise / collectible stuff out there for any video game in my opinion. It is also one of my all time favorite video game series so I decided to make a post on some rare / interesting items I have found.

A Resident Evil first aid kit may come in handy if the zombies actually ever do come for us. I like everything in this auction! It is just full of AWESOME and I know I will be saying this a lot but Japanese gamers get the coolest stuff. This kit was actually a prize that people could win playing a Biohazard Pachinko Slot Machine!

How awesome is that! Unfortunatly, I could not find one for sale. 😉

These keys right here should be familiar to any old school RE fan. These are full scale reproductions (can you say “reproduction” if the item’s were never real in the first place?) of the mansion keys used in the original Resident Evil. They actually made 4 different keys and only gave away 1 key to each person that attended the 1996 Tokyo Game Show so to get all 4 was nearly imposible. Said to be the rarest RE collectible, even seeing 2 of them posted up is a hard thing to find.

Movie props! Premiere Collectibles, one of the biggest prop sellers on ebay always get their hands on the Resident Evil movie props. They have a ton of them posted up right here at Premiere Props. This one is my favorite of what is posted up now thought I am usually more of a sucker for any of the props with the Umbrella logo on them.

If a gun is used in a Resident Evil (or to be more specific, BIOHAZARD) game then they have made an Airsoft gun replica and alot of them are licensed by Capcom. Not too many games that I know of have a line of guns! Of course, as always, all the cool stuff has to be kept from us via the great blue sea. Damn you again Japan, you luck bastards!

I will close with a rant:

Another RED SYSTEM!!! WTF!!! Ok, Dreamcast puts out their rare RE version of the Dreamcast system which was the regular Dreamcast, but RED. Then I hear that a limited editions Resident Evil Xbox 360 is in the works and I got excited and guess what? They did it AGAIN! Yeah, let’s paint the system red! Wanna add a zombie on it or at least a cool RE logo? NAAAAHH! Let’s just make it RED!!! Making a red system does not make it a RE system. I guess Virtual Boy was the Resident Evil edition.
*End rant*


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A few rare Nintedo items

/ 9 years ago

Super Nintendo Control Deck Tester. This was posted up by someone who supposedly used to work for Nintendo and he states that this is used for warranty repair checks. Sounds legit to me though just by looking at this it screams SNES. Not sure anyone would have a use for this other that collection but still a cool item and I know I am a fan of seeing gaming stuff that I have never seen before.

This is not as rare but good luck finding one in the US. This iss the Nintendo 64DD, a disc drive that attached to the N64 for proprietary 64 MB magnetic disks for expanded data storage. This was never released in the US and even in Japan few games were released for it. One game to make note of is Mario Artist.

Mario Artist was pretty much an updated version of Mario Paint for the SNES. They also released some “Pocket Monster” titles for the N64 64DD which you may better know as Pokemon.

And here we have a Game Boy Prototype cart for Final Fantasy 2. I have seen a few prototype carts up for auction but what I like about this one is that their are actually some differences between the prototype and the retail version and he shows this in the auction.

Hope you are diggin the rare Nintendo posts. I am going to try and switch things up all the time and make sure to touch on a little bit of all things, old school and new.


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Old School Oddball!

/ 9 years ago

In the words of Keith Olberman, “Let’s play Oddball!”. I decided to post up about 3 odd systems. 2 are just odd systems in general and 1 is just a really OLD system but to the “youngins” will be an “odd” one and I will start off with that one first.

Yeah, PONG! In the 70’s home pong units were HUGE! A “console” that did one thing, played PONG. That’s right! This one however is DELUXE and runs 5, count em’ FIVE games! (that are probably a lot like Pong). Today you could fit the code to run Pong on something so small the human eye couldn’t see it but back in the day it took a whole console in order to render those bars and “ball” bouncing too and fro.

Vectrex! I probably would not know about this system except that my cousin had this and it was pretty fun. The unit as seen above had the “tv” built in and was just black and white. The unit also has a controller that would fold out from the front connected by a telephone type of cord and had a little joystick and 4 buttons. The cartridges would plug right into the side. You had different color screens you could add to the actually screen of the unit to make it looks like the games were in color. One of the oddest systems I had ever seen and it was a blast to play.

And last but not least… VIRTUAL BOY! I had gotten this I believe as a birthday gift and I remember I had Teleroboxer, Mario Tennis, and Mario Clash. I really liked this system for the amount of time I could play it. It really gave a nice 3D effect but there were 2 BIG downsides to this system. There was NO comfortable way to play this! I would either have to lean over a table sticking my face into it causing back / neck cramps or I tried reclining in a chair and resting it on my face but the weight would be too much to play like that for long. The other big down side is that the vivid red on black palette would really mess with your eyes after a not so long period of time. Hopefully the Nintendo 3Ds got it right, but this system definitely was fun, just in small sessions!

This one is an honorable mention since A) It is not a “system” and B) It’s not the actual game up for auction which I am sure would cost a but-load of cash! Time Traveler by Sega! They had positioned this game right out front of the local Dream Machine arcade back in the day and it just drew me in! It gave you the illusion that the characters were a hologram and you can even reach out and try to touch them! VERY Star Trek Holodek-esqe! The game played very much like Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace where you would have a flash or some kind of indication to perform an action but instead of cartoon, this was with live action video. Think Dragon’s Lair meets Mad Dog McCree. VERY tough game!

Check out the video of the game here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lyTasMAYic


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Happy Birthday Mario Mario and Lugi Mario!

/ 9 years ago

Here is the best of the best, and what I mean by that is unopened copies of 3 of the best video games of all time. Mario 1, Mario 2 (Doki Doki Panic anyone?), and Mario 3!

As I bonus I found this Mc Donald’s display case back from the Super Mario Bros 3 release with the toys still in it! Same thing that they have in Mcd’s lobbies around the world. I would LOVE to have a nice display piece like this but no way I have the room (or the cash to spend for that matter)!

And how can we wish the plumber a happy birthday without covering the table with his own Vintage “Happy Birthday” Mario tablecloth!

But enough with sitting here reading a blog about the ultimate video game icon! Go blow the dust out of your carts and get to appreciating the mans legacy!

Or, play this weird modified version of Super Mario Bros 3 in your browser: http://www.virtualnes.com/play/?id=RMH-30&s=10


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