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Get The Power! Nintendo Power!

/ 7 years ago

By 1987, Nintendo was THE biggest home console you could buy and to capitalize on their popularity, they started printing up the Nintendo Fun Club, a fan club that would give tips on games and also previews of upcoming games. The newsletter ran for 7 issues before switching over to a full fledged magazine in the form of Nintendo Power. If you had a subscription to the Nintendo Fun Club, you were automatically mailed a free issue of Nintendo Power. The cover featured the biggest and most hyped game of the era, Super Mario Bros. 2 and pew51 is offering you the chance to relive the golden days of the 8 Bit era with the premier issue. I haven’t seen this thing in years but I know I have it somewhere…I need to go digging for this thing.

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You Can’t Beat It: Ghosts N Goblins

/ 7 years ago

If you follow us over at Tee Till Death, Morgado started a regular posting called “You Can’t Afford It” which displays t-shirts that are just way out of anyone’s price range. Well what I’m doing with this is recalling games from my childhood that were basically unbeatable. If anyone told me that they actually beat Ghosts N Goblins, I wouldn’t believe it and I’d like actual evidence of this happening. That said, mecilop22 has a complete albeit opened copy of the original Ghosts N Goblins for the NES. Capcom created this character called Captain Commando and threw the logo on posters and would eventually get his own game in the form of an awesome arcade side scroller. The poster is really the interesting part here since they were made early on and discontinued as the company grew. The games on the poster are the clincher as these were launch titles for the company. You also get one of those black plastic sleeves which served absolutely no purpose. Anyone ever beat this game? I won’t believe you but I’d love to hear about it.

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Nintendo Challenge Set

/ 7 years ago

I gotta say, auctionstuff2007‘s Nintendo Challenge set bundle is pretty impressive but is it worth the money? I understand that retro games are the rage now and you do get an original setup with 72 (!!!!) games but is it worth that Buy It Now? Plus you have to add a new pin…not quite sure what that is. Worth it?

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SEGA Genesis Instant Collection 144 GAME LOT

/ 8 years ago

If you tired of your emulators crashing then why not pick up this instant Genesis collection. slackersonline is selling 144 Sega Genesis games. This is the easiest way to get collection going. Just look at the list.

Abrams Battle Tank

Adventures of Mighty Max

Aikman Troy Football

Andretti Mario Racing

Arcade Classics

Arcade Greatest Williams


Awesome Possum

Barbie Super Model

Barney Hide and Seek

Bass Masters Classic

Batman Forever

Beauty and the Beast: Roar

Bugs Bunny in Double Trouble

Caesars Palace


Champions World Class Soccer

Championship Pool

Championship Pro-Am

College Fball Natl Champ 2

College Football Natl Champ

College Football USA 96

College Slam


Combat Cars

Cool Spot

Davis Cup Tennis

Decap Attack

Desert Demolition

Desert Strike

Dinosaur’s Tale

Duel: Test Drive 2

Ecco 2 Tides of Time

Ecco the Dolphin

Eternal Champions


F-117 Night Storm

F-15 Strike Eagle II

F-22 Interceptor

Family Feud

FIFA International Soccer

FIFA Soccer 95


Global Gladiators


Hard Drivin’

James Pond: Underwater

Jewel Master

Judge Dredd

Jungle Book

Jungle Strike

Jurassic Park

King Salmon: The Big Catch

King’s Bounty


Lasorda Tommy Baseball

Last Action Hero

LHX Chopper

Lion King

Little Mermaid

Lotus 2 Racing

Madden 92

Madden 93

Madden 94

Madden NFL 95

Madden NFL 96

Mansell Nigel Indy Car

Mansell Nigel World Champ

Mickey’s World of Illusion

Might and Magic: Gates


Montana Joe Football 92

Montana Joe Football 93

Montana Joe Football 94

Montana Joe Football 95

Ms. Pac-Man

NBA Live 95

NBA Live 96

NCAA Football

NFL Quarterback Club 96

NFL Quarterback Club

NHL 92

NHL 93

NHL 94

NHL 95

NHL 96

NHL All-Star Hockey 95

Olympic Gold

Out Run 2019

Pac-Man 2


Palmer Arnold Golf

Pebble Beach Golf Links

PGA European Tour

PGA Tour Golf 2

PGA Tour Golf 3

PGA Tour Golf

Phantom 2040

Pink Goes to Hollywood

Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure

Power Monger

Power Rangers

Primal Rage

Prime Time NFL Football

Pro Quarterback

QuackShot Starring Donald Duck

Quad Challenge

Revolution X


Rocket Knight Adventures

Shanghai 2

Side Pocket

Soldiers of Fortune

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Sports Talk Baseball

Star Trek: Deep Space 9

Star Trek: The Next Genenration


Steel Empire

Sub Terrania

Super Battleship

Super High Impact

Super Monaco GP 2

Super Monaco GP

Super Thunder Blade

Taz in Escape from Mars


Tecmo NBA Basketball

Terminator 2 Arcade

Terminator 2: Judgment

Thomas Frank Big Hurt Baseball

Tiny Toons: Busters Hidden

TNN Outdoors Bass Tourny 96

Toy Story

Urban Strike

Walsh Bill College Fball

Walsh Bill College Fball


Wimbledon Championship

Winter Olympic Games

World Series Baseball 95

World Series Baseball 96

World Series Baseball



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