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Look at the set of lungs on “her”?

/ 9 years ago

Or Him? It??? Anyway, Sorry for the long break… I was gone for a bit because I am now a married man but I am back with some video game goods! Thought I would kick right back into things with a post about one of the few games I have been playing lately and that is Kirby Epic Yarn for the WII.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn for Nintendo Wii
Posted by: farm240sxboy
This game is a BLAST to play but just too easy. You cannot die in it at all which just makes it like walking thru with invincibility on. I wish they would have held back on the easy of play on this but that is my only complaint. Other than that the game is very fun to play and keeps me coming back.

Kirby’s Adventure for Nintendo Entertainment System
Posted by: online_retro_treasures
The game that started it all! Kirby is such an awesome character that it surprises me that he is not a 1st party mascot. One of the games that came out kinda near the peak end of the life of the NES and is still one of my favorite games to just pop in and play.

Super Nintendo console with Kirby Super Star
Posted by: hugapuggy123
This SNES comes with Kirby Super Star which seems like they were trying to get some of that “Mario All Star” action for the Kirby brand. It boasts 8 games which are a combo of platform and mini games. I have never checked this game out but now I NEED to!

Kirby Figures
Posted by: minmineasy
And for fans of collect ables we have a nice little collection of 1 1/2″ tall Kirby figures. Great for the dashboard or the top of an old NES!


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5 Things you don’t know about Nintendo!

/ 9 years ago

Ok, I decided to compile a list of 5 Nintendo tidbits that a lot of people are not aware of. This is not meant to be the 5 BEST tidbits or anything, just a list of 5 oddball bits of info that I find quite interesting and I hope you do as well!

On with the list!!!

#5 – The Super Mario Bros. 2 You know and love is not Super Mario Bros 2.

(click for more images if available)

Super Mario Bros. 2
Posted by: russelstoll

You see that above?  Super Mario Brothers 2, right?  Well, not exactly.  In America this is known as Super Mario Brothers 2 but in actuality it is this game…

(click for more images if available)

Doki Doki Panic
Posted by: nmr509

See some familiar looking “baddies” above but not the “heroes” you know and love? That is because this is Doki Doki Panic! Nintendo needed to put out SMB2 due to it’s HUGE popularity. They made a SMB2 that was very similar to SMB1 but was deemed “Too difficult” for us dumb Americans. So, they took Doki Doki Panic, a game unknown to us Americans, and swapped out the title screen for SMB2 title screens and the characters for Mario characters and sold it in the states as Super Mario Bros. 2!

(click for more images if available)

Super Mario Bros. 2 (JP)
Posted by: from_my_game_collection_to_yours

Shown above is the REAL Super Mario Bros. 2. This was later released on the Mario All-Stars collection under the name of Super Mario Bros. Lost Levels.

#4 – Nintendo had some pornographic games released for it.

(click for more images if available)

Peek-A-Boo Poker
Posted by: jeffw0824

Much like the Tengen games but a lot less available, Panesian made some unlicensed games but instead of porting over popular games from other systems, they decided to make pornographic video games! Panesian made the above posted Pee-A-Boo Poker as well as 2 other adult titles called Hot Slots, and Bubble Bath Babes. I had actually seen these back in the day in the “Cult” section of this little independently owned video store but was not old enough to rent them. I wish I would have rented and kept them back in the day since they are now likely to get you over $1,000 each. Another little “fun fact” about Panesian is they are now a computer monitor manufacture that goes under the name “MAG”, and I used to have one of those monitors.

#3 – Nintendo made a breakfast cereal back in the late 80’s.

(click for more images if available)

Nintendo Cereal (Magnet)
Posted by: traci*s

“NIN-TEN-D0, it’s a cereal, WOW!” is the slogan I can remember from back when this came out. I thought this cereal was sooo badass since A) It was a NES cereal and B) It came in 2 different varieties in the same box! I would usually chow down on the Mario half, while my brother was more of a Link fan.

(click for more images if available)

Nintendo Cereal (Magazine Ad)
Posted by: kenyatabks

Here is a sweet magazine add for the cereal with such awesome quotes as “This tastes SUPER!” and even better than that… “We rescued breakfast!”.

#2 – Nintendo has been in business since 1889.

(click for more images if available)

Nintendo Playing Cards
Posted by: mitsuru7306

So, if you didn’t guess my “teaser clue” from yesterday that it was Nintendo, it wouldn’t surprise me since not many people know that Nintendo started as a playing card manufacturing company back in 1889 making playing cards called Hanafuda cards used for numerous types of games.

(click for more images if available)

101 Dalmations Playing Cards
Posted by: teyandeh

Nintendo and Disney licensed products? Yeah, it happened, and this is VINTAGE 1960’s stuff, pre-Mario indeed!

(click for more images if available)

N&B Block Clock Kit
Posted by: bg47726

Nintendo also tried getting into the Lego market in the 60’s with their own type of linking children’s blocks they called N&B Blocks.

(click for more images if available)

Super Mario Land 2 – 6 Golden Coins
Posted by: blackbear825

An homage to these blocks can be seen in the Game Boy game Super Mario Land 2 – 6 Golden Coins

(click for more images if available)

Color TV Game 15
Posted by: japaneseitemsrus

Nintendo Entertainment System (or Famicom) was Nintendo’s first home video game console? Not exactly, seen above is the Color TV Game 15, one of the video game units that Nintendo made back in 1977. The units played a couple different versions / modes of the same game, much like all the PONG units of the 70’s.

#1 – Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda, and the Wii was originally hired by Nintendo as a Staff Artist back in 1977.

(click for more images if available)

Innovators – Shigeru Miyamoto Hardcover Book
Posted by: shoppingspreellc

Man, is hind site 20/20! I am sure when Nintendo hired on Mr. Miyamoto as a Staff Artist they were not expecting to have one of the most important people in video game history in their ranks! Now he has books written about him! Talk about climbing the corporate ladder. Without him, they may have been nothing more than just another electronics company trying to find their niche all these years.

(click for more images if available)

Donkey Kong – Game & Watch
Posted by: garfn7

Here is a nice Donkey Kong Game & Watch signed by Mr. Miyamoto. The man does not make too many public singing appearances so this is a pretty cool item!

Well, that is it for this EPIC sized Nintendo post! Hope you learned something about the biggest (and oldest) gaming company!


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You probably owned an “illegal” Nintendo game and didn’t know it…

/ 9 years ago

You remember good old NES Carts? Those grey beauties just sitting there in a few old shoe boxes, gold top of a Zelda cart sticking out like a soar thumb… But wait, there is a BLACK cartridge, and it’s shaped weird… “Rolling Thunder” eh? What is with this?

Yeah, I used to have Rolling Thunder and just knew it was in a different case than Nintendo games. I thought it was cool and different back in the day. What I now know is that Tengen, the company that put these out did not like Nintendo’s “guidelines” for how many titles they were allowed to release so guess what? They said SCREW YOU to Nintendo, hacked the block out chip, and released the unlicensed games themselves! Nintendo was pissed and the case was taken to court and Nintendo won.

Full info at  the Wiki.

Before the lawsuit, Tengen had only released 3 titles in the legal / licensed way and then unlicensed versions of them after they told Nintendo to screw themselves.

I have posted 2 of the 3 licensed vs unlicensed titles below for some examples.

(Click for more pictures)
Unlicensed version of Pac-Man
Posted by: konggames

(Click for more pictures)
Licensed version of Pac-Man
Posted by: cjmarq2345

(Click for more pictures)
Unlicensed version of Gauntlet
Posted by: bbigddadybboom

(Click for more pictures)
Licensed version of Gauntlet
Posted by: lucrative-gaming

You can see in comparing them that the big difference is the cart color / shape. The one that is not so obvious is that the black carts are missing this…

Also, I decided to list 2 of my favorite Tengen games that were never released as licensed version, yet tons of people had them in their collections…

(Click for more pictures)
Rolling Thunder – If you have never played this, PLAY IT! They need an XBLA / PSN re-vamp of this game!
Posted by: puckuluck

(Click for more pictures)
TOOBIN’ – Toobin’ was a fun, mindless game. Really fun in the arcade.
Posted by: sosafan2

I know there are other companies that put out unlicensed Nintendo games back in the day (which I may touch on in the future) but this is probably the most known.


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The struggle for control

/ 9 years ago

I decided to post up some of the weirdest video game console peripherals ever made since I have seen some pretty bad ones. I have never had the “pleasure” of trying any of these but have only heard “great” things about them.

(Click for more picture)

Nintendo NES Power Glove W/ Box Complete Vintage Rare
Looked at as an more of an “icon” than something that anyone actually used, this Nintendo Power Glove posted by kdrbt228 is one of the first bad peripherals that came to mind. There was 1 game released (Glove Ball) that was specifically for the Power Glove but you could use it with any game… supposedly. You had to enter in a special code in order to use it for a specific game and then it still didn’t work. I would want one of these as a display piece but I don’t think anyone wants to use one.

(Click for more picture)

Rare Sega Activator Genesis Game Controller Complete
Project Natal / Kinect… WATCH OUT! ellapalooza has the Sega Genesis ACTIVATOR for sale! This is an octagon you place on the ground and each segment of the octagon operates a different button function. So, in order to move to the right in lets say, Mortal Kombat, you would have to flail an arm or leg over the right segment of the octagon and then to punch you would flail a limb over the upper right section of the octagon. Sounds like a great idea! Wonder why this sucked so much…

(Click for more picture)

Uforce power field controller for Nintendo
Amazingly, this one seems to work better than the others listed. mtestate has this Uforce motion controller for the Nintendo listed up. Kinda like the above Activator it seems like you wave your hands over certain sections to perform certain actions. This ones is setup like a book though and since you don’t flail your limbs it seems easier to control than the above Activator. Still not worth even trying, but not as bad as the “other” options at the time.

(Click for more picture)

coleco vision controllers
This ones that generalzods_gamingzone listed seems the most normal out of them but still a bit odd. Looks like an old video game joystick made nasty love to a Guitar Hero controller. Multi color hand grip buttons that had uses for certain games. I bet at the time they thought this would be the best way to map out a multi button controller.


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Your “princess” is in “another” castle…

/ 9 years ago

“Princess” Meaning Zelda and “Another” meaning Ganon’s. Yeah, you see what I did there? I am making this post about Zelda and some awesome (and not so awesome) old school Zelda action. There are TONS of items for Zelda and Link so don’t be surprised if I make another Zelda post down the road.

Of course! Gotta have the 2 titles that started it all and mustang2005gtblackhas em! The easiest to spot cartridges in anyone’s NES collection. Just look for the glowing golden cart! It was always easy to find my Zelda carts as well as my Rolling Thunder and OG Tetris cart. These ones are certified and sealed in a protective video game condom and just like a condom, it makes these less “exciting”. I want to PLAY my games, not look at the box all pristine in a case. I “get” the whole idea of MINT collecting, it’s just not for me.

I had to post this one up here for one simple reason… I had this watch! Now air_flight_museumhas posted one of these beauties up for sale! Back in the day I had my mom buy this for me. I think I got it at KB Toys which I am not even sure if that chain even exists anymore. KB seemed to get the best video game stuff and always had the more rare / odd type of items. This watch was pretty cool from what I remember of it but the “gameplay” gave about 2 minutes of enjoyment. Much like old school Tiger Electronics games. Speaking of which, I need to do a Tiger post…

Bootleg? No, ellapalooza has posted up one of the few Zelda releases that was not released for a Nintendo system. This was a release on the gaming system called CD-I which stands for “Compact Disc Interactive” and was one of the first CD based systems out there. The system didn’t last very long and if you check out this game footage from Zelda’s Adventureyou could probably figure out why. I will also be doing a more involved CD-I post in the future.

And bunnysstuff has posted up the demo disc for the above posted game. I never owned a CD-I but I did however get to play this “gem” of a demo at my local Circuit City when it first came out back in the day.

bunnysstuff  also has an auction up with ALL 3 of the Zelda games released for CD-I as well as “Hotel Mario” which was another sought after CD-I game. I would say these are probably the only 4 CD-I games that people are interested in collecting due to the use of such known characters.


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Time for a PARTY!!! 3rd PARTY!!!

/ 9 years ago

Some people don’t know these exist so I thought I would post em’ up. What i am posting up are 3rd part NES, SNES, and Genesis systems. Pretty odd that these exist but the price and convenience of some of them is pretty damn good.

crazydealguy has a 3rd party NES system posted up as well as some other 3rd party systems / supplies.. This unit plays NES and Famicom games just like an old school Nintendo. Comes with some UGLY controllers but one good thing is that they have the same controller ports as a regular NES controller so you could just grab an old school controller.

Also from crazydealguy  is this NES and Genesis combo. Quite a weird combo if you ask me! You figure they would make a NES and SNES combo instead of a NES Genesis combo…

Ahh, ok! If you are looking for a NES and SNES combo system then luckygamers has what you are looking for! Plays Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Famicom, and Super Famicom games.  They don’t show the controllers but by the look of the diagram on the box it looks like they are SNES controller clones. But what if I want all 3 systems in one?

YES! In fact, yes-avenue has what you are looking for! A system that plays NES, SNES, Genesis, Famicom, Super Famicom, and Mega Drive games! I enjoy a good original old school console being hooked up but I can TOTALLY see why someone might want this so they only need one unit hooked up to take the place of 3 (or 6 if you are a JP game player). Has wireless controllers but also has ports for NES, SNES, and Genesis controllers.


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/ 9 years ago

Or SELECT START for 2 player!

30 lives! If there is any one code that gamers know, it is this one! I always had a hard time with getting the timing right on this back in the day but would not stop until I had my 30 guys. Why? Because the game is hard, even with the 30 lives on my side.

This is one arcade unit I would LOVE to have! I could see hoping on this quite often to kill a few minutes that turn into hours. Don’t need “30 lives” when you can keep popping in quarters.

This cart might be of interest to collectors but other than that, not so much. I would imagine that since it is a “Demo Cart” it is either

A) Only a level or 2


B) Has a time limit.

I have never played this game but it looks like it could be decent. They are also remaking it for XBLA, so it can’t be too bad.

This one I found interesting because I had never heard of the system. This is Contra for the MSX 2, a “system” that was backed by Microsoft in the mid 80’s that was more of a computer than a system.

And here is the system! Quite an ugly old bitch! Oh, the history of computers and video games…



Sandwich Clamps 2 – Portable Gaming Boogaloo!

/ 9 years ago

So I posted licensed handheld systems that were not so successful throughout the years for my last previous post. Now I am posting some 3rd party / non licenses handhelds that you may not even know exist!

Yes, this is in fact a portable NES! This plays full size NES cartridges and Famicom cartridges as well. I would have killed for one of these back in the day but one thins sucks about this… NES carts, not exactly very portable.

Here is another portable NES, the 2nd version of the unit posted above. What sets this one aside is that it also has wireless controls, a wireless light zapper and the ability to hook it up to your TV. So not only is it portable, but it also can act as a regular system!

Is this a fat Nintendo DS? No, this is a handheld SNES! Yeah, very similar to the portable NES units above this can play SNES and Super Famicom carts. SNES carts are a little more portable than NES carts, but this system is THICK! It is bigger than a NDSi XL and probably about 4 times as thick. Good luck putting that in your pocket unless you are still rocking JNCO pants.

Sega Genesis handheld, which doesn’t make too much sense since unlike the systems above, Sega put out a portable Genesis (see previes blog post). I wonder if the battery life is any better on this unit though.

This unit right here I am unsure if it is licensed or not. By the looks of the packaging and the included games this is either licensed, or a company that is looking forward to geting sued real quick. This unit DOES NOT have a cartridge port but has 20 good Sega Genesis games built into it to play. So, this unit is more “portable” than the others, but you are ver limited on what you can play. At least it has Sonic and Knuckles.

A PSP! Wait, nope. This is a fake PSP clone that does not play PSP games. You can use this to play MP3s, Videos and what we care about here… GAMES! This unit can run NES, SNES, GENESIS, and a bunch of other game emulators. The issue I have with this unit is the fact that it is $125. You can get a used PSP for under $100 and put emulators on it and still play PSP games if you want. There is no need for this unit at all.



Fantasy? Finally!

/ 9 years ago

Time to post up some items from what is arguably one of the biggest RPGs in the video game world. Final Fantasy! Now, I can say I have never beat a whole FF game but I can’t even begin to think of how many hours I put into FF7 for the Playstation. I would get home from school and turn it right on. Here are some cool items I found for FF! A lot of cosplay stuff is available for the series which doesn’t surprise me…

A full size replica of the Gunblade from Final Fantasy XIII. This may be a full size replica but… It doesn’t turn into the sword. But, you are in luck because…

A full size replica of the Gunblade SWORD from Final Fantasy XIII! Yeah, I guess they couldn’t figure out a way to make one that would transform. Either that, or they just wanted to sell the same item twice!

This is a rare item indeed! Only 50 were made for a Nintendo Power contest back in the day and it was for the OG Final Fantasy which makes it even more rare since it was back in the “old school” days.

Here is some wording from the listing: “This awesome collectable is a must-have for the serious collector and Final Fantasy enthusiast. Only 50 Final Fantasy crystal orbs were made and distributed worldwide (Nintendo Power said the mold was broken after making the orbs). It is made of solid lead crystal. The crystal orb is etched with the legend ‘Final Fantasy’; a shield with a crossed axe and sword are etched above. This can be viewed when looking through the crystal orb. The orb has been signed by the artist, Kusak.”

Check out the rest of the pictures of the orb HERE.

Final Fantasy XII Judge Master Gabranth statue. Thing looks impressive! They had up full scale Gabranth mask, but I like the figure more. Reminds me of some Boris Vallejo artwork.

A full set of Final Fantasy figures released by Square Soft back in 1997. The person that posted this up stated it took them 5 years to piece this whole set together and I wouldn’t doubt it! There were also only 3000 of each made so take that into consideration and all the people that only bought a few hear and there, the amount of full sets in anyone’s collection must be pretty low.



Why only have one arcade game…

/ 9 years ago

When you could have them ALL!!!

I myself have always wanted to have an arcade game in my house. I have wanted a pinball machine as well as at least 1 arcade game but could never figure out which one I would want. Well, I don’t have to make that choice any longer with MAME. People build custom cabinets that run arcade game emulators off of a computer so you can have one cabinet that plays an almost endless amount of games. You could even load the cabinets with old Atari, NES, SNES, Genesis, Master System, etc, etc Roms and rock all those in an arcade unit!

Here is a basic MAME cabinet. Looks pretty much like an average arcade cabinet running windows.

This one is a bit more of a step up! Looks like it is setup for 4 players and also has a roller ball (like the other one has) but this one looks like it has even more bells and whistles. The lit up buttons look pretty sweet as well.

Here is a nice odd hybrid unit with a pretty clever design. It can convert from a stand up cabinet style into a cocktail table style unit! This is the first I have seen like this and I must say, that is pretty damn cool!

Cocktail Table mode of the above listing

But if you are more hands on they have TONS of step by step DIY websites out there where you can make the unit yourself. I think if I ever do have the room for one of these, I will go the DIY route.

Here are a couple DIY sites: Build a MAME Cabinet in 24 hours or DIY MAME Cabinet