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Goldeneye 007 Wii / N64

/ 9 years ago

So the GoldenEye Wii game just released recently, I haven’t played it yet but I was extremely shut out by it because it reminded me of fucking CoD, and I’m so tired of games that are like this. I love Goldeneye for n64 and I still play it to this day. But I’m a little more inclined to play the new one because of IGN’s positive review of the game, saying it’s Wii’s best First Person Shooter. But Daniel Craig instead of Pierce Brosnan? Man, whatever, its just another 007 game. Like the reviews said, it’s not a remake of the game, it’s a “new direction” to the existing movie *huh?* whatever, fan boys are mad. But I’m going to give it a shot, been waiting to play a new game on the Wii anyway. A lot of starting bids have been at 0, like most new games. This one seems to be hitting at

or if you’re not a fan of the new shit and wanna geek out on one of the best Nintendo multiplayer games ever made – then play this shit. $7.99 starting bid with case and all



A few rare Nintedo items

/ 10 years ago

Super Nintendo Control Deck Tester. This was posted up by someone who supposedly used to work for Nintendo and he states that this is used for warranty repair checks. Sounds legit to me though just by looking at this it screams SNES. Not sure anyone would have a use for this other that collection but still a cool item and I know I am a fan of seeing gaming stuff that I have never seen before.

This is not as rare but good luck finding one in the US. This iss the Nintendo 64DD, a disc drive that attached to the N64 for proprietary 64 MB magnetic disks for expanded data storage. This was never released in the US and even in Japan few games were released for it. One game to make note of is Mario Artist.

Mario Artist was pretty much an updated version of Mario Paint for the SNES. They also released some “Pocket Monster” titles for the N64 64DD which you may better know as Pokemon.

And here we have a Game Boy Prototype cart for Final Fantasy 2. I have seen a few prototype carts up for auction but what I like about this one is that their are actually some differences between the prototype and the retail version and he shows this in the auction.

Hope you are diggin the rare Nintendo posts. I am going to try and switch things up all the time and make sure to touch on a little bit of all things, old school and new.


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