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Nintendo Huge Lot. NES, SNES, 27 games total, Consoles, Controllers, Accessories

/ 7 years ago

endpiece is selling a vintage NES Console and games. Vintage NES console’s are becoming harde to find in working shape.

“Huge Lot of NES and SNES Nintendo games, and accessories. This entire lot was discovered in storage and is being sold as is. Un-tested, Sold as is. All items are clean and appear to be in good condition. The lot you are bidding on includes both SNES and NES game consoles, with hook ups, and a collection of games. 23 NES games and 4 SNES games. Buyer will receive all items shown here.

– This Lot included the following items –

SNES System:
– 1 SNES Nintendo Game Console, with instruction manual and hook ups and power adapter.
– 2 SNES Controllers
– 4 SNES Games

SNES Games Include:
Star Fox
Donkey Kong Country
Disney’s Aladdin
Super Mario World

NES System
– 1 NES Nintendo Game Console, with hook ups and power adapter
– 1 NES Gun
– 2 NES Controllers
– 1 NES 4 Score ( an accessory that allows the use of 4 controllers at once)
– 1 NES Advantage Joy Stick Controller
– 23 NES games

NES Games Include:
Double Dribble
Zelda (grey cartridge)
Mach Rider
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Super Mario, Duck Hunt, World Class Track Race (all 3 games on one cartridge)
Gauntlet (Black Cartridge)
T&C Surf – Wood Water Rage
Double Dragon
Marble Madness
Skate Or Die !
Off Road
Super Mario Bros III
Ghosts ‘N’ Goblins
Super Mario Bros
California Games”


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Hey Mom, I want Mortal Kombat for X-Mas!!!

/ 9 years ago

Oh the joy of Christmas! You wake up, run downstairs and see ALL those gifts! You run back up and wake up mom and dad with a series of “MOM MOM MOM MOM!!!!!!!1111”. Your parents saunter down the stairs like zombies and will not let the gift opening commence until they have their coffee. You sit their like a crack addict rocking back and forth, looking at the gifts just HOPING that game you wanted is under the tree. You FINALLY get to open gifts and…

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Mortal Kombat (Tiger Handheld)
Posted by: electronichandhelds
A Tiger handheld?!!! Your parents look on with smiles thinking they got you EXACTLY what you wanted and their faces soon drop as they notice you are not happy. Yeah, good old Tiger electronics!

(Click for more images)

Altered Beast (Tiger Handheld)
Posted by: momandboysshop
I think they made one of these crappy handhelds for every popular game. Altered Beast being one of my favorite Genesis games, not so much in Tiger form (the handheld, not meaning when you turn into a tiger).

(Click for more images)

Sonic 2 (Tiger Handheld)
Posted by: electronichandhelds
Even Sonic was not safe! Looks like Sega was fine whoring out their property to Tiger to make these games (which were all pretty much the same game play with slightly different layouts) but Nintendo never gave rights to their properties…

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Double Dragon II (Tiger Handheld)
Posted by: electronichandhelds
Nintendo game? Yes, but this is a Konami game. I am guessing Nintendo itself would not give the rights to Tiger to put out Mario and Zelda games like this since they had the Game & Watch series which was pretty much the same kind of games.

(Click for more images)

Ninja Gaiden (Tiger Watch)
Posted by: bobc174
Not wanting a crappy handheld game” How bout a smaller version you can wear on a watch! Just as crappy, but now even smaller and you can wear it! I will however say I am guilty of rockin a Tiger game watch back in the day…

(Click for more images)

Ninja Gaiden II (Tiger Handheld)
Posted by: electronichandhelds
Ninjas Gaiden II, not on a watch but still just as bad!

I could list this crappy handhelds all day but I think that is enough!

It surprises me how much some of these things are selling for…


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Do you like card games?

/ 9 years ago

I don’t… but these are not really card games per say. This is another failed item from Nintendo called the “e-Reader”!

E-Reader Game Boy Advance Lot
Posted by: nintendogamesandmoregames
Here it is! The e-Reader! Ugly little thing, isn’t it? Well, what this is (was?) is a card reader for the Game Boy that used cards with small strips of encoded data on them that would load up games or add ons for games. Very bizarre and never really took off as even the smallest games took multiple cards with multiple swipes to load up and you would have to swipe the cards every time you wanted to play the game.

Mario 3 card pack
Posted by: nintendogamesandmoregames
This right here is not a game, it is a pack of cards that were released for the e-Reader that would give you extra levels and add ons for games. I would like to check out the extra Super Mario Bros. 3 levels but I don’t see myself ever getting an e-Reader let alone paying big banks for these SMB3 cards! Maybe they have em’ on emulators…

Excite Bike complete game
Posted by: silvermermaidus
Here is a full game of Excite Bike. As you can see it takes 5 cards for 1 game (and not a very “beefy” game at that) and each card appears to have 2 swipe able edges so gotta run 10 edges through the reader, hope they read right, and then you get to play! All set on that.

A little bonus info about the e-Reader

Here is a list of all the classic NES games that were released for the e-Reader

Balloon Fight
Clu Clu Land
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Jr.
Donkey Kong 3
Ice Climber
Mario Bros.
Urban Champion



A few rare Nintedo items

/ 10 years ago

Super Nintendo Control Deck Tester. This was posted up by someone who supposedly used to work for Nintendo and he states that this is used for warranty repair checks. Sounds legit to me though just by looking at this it screams SNES. Not sure anyone would have a use for this other that collection but still a cool item and I know I am a fan of seeing gaming stuff that I have never seen before.

This is not as rare but good luck finding one in the US. This iss the Nintendo 64DD, a disc drive that attached to the N64 for proprietary 64 MB magnetic disks for expanded data storage. This was never released in the US and even in Japan few games were released for it. One game to make note of is Mario Artist.

Mario Artist was pretty much an updated version of Mario Paint for the SNES. They also released some “Pocket Monster” titles for the N64 64DD which you may better know as Pokemon.

And here we have a Game Boy Prototype cart for Final Fantasy 2. I have seen a few prototype carts up for auction but what I like about this one is that their are actually some differences between the prototype and the retail version and he shows this in the auction.

Hope you are diggin the rare Nintendo posts. I am going to try and switch things up all the time and make sure to touch on a little bit of all things, old school and new.


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Happy Birthday Mario Mario and Lugi Mario!

/ 10 years ago

Here is the best of the best, and what I mean by that is unopened copies of 3 of the best video games of all time. Mario 1, Mario 2 (Doki Doki Panic anyone?), and Mario 3!

As I bonus I found this Mc Donald’s display case back from the Super Mario Bros 3 release with the toys still in it! Same thing that they have in Mcd’s lobbies around the world. I would LOVE to have a nice display piece like this but no way I have the room (or the cash to spend for that matter)!

And how can we wish the plumber a happy birthday without covering the table with his own Vintage “Happy Birthday” Mario tablecloth!

But enough with sitting here reading a blog about the ultimate video game icon! Go blow the dust out of your carts and get to appreciating the mans legacy!

Or, play this weird modified version of Super Mario Bros 3 in your browser: http://www.virtualnes.com/play/?id=RMH-30&s=10


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Starting off with an old school BANG!

/ 10 years ago

Welcome to Gamer Noize! Your place to find the best Video Game related auctions out there! To get things started we have to go WAY back… How else would we kick this off but with some old school gaming.


A little bit of EVERYTHING! From The Gemini (that can rock old school Atari) upto the 1st Xbox!

– DREAMCAST! I got one when it first came out and LOVED IT! I think it was ahead of it’s time but they did not have enough support. Blue Stinger was one badass game for it and Sonic Adventures as well.
– Skate or Die and TMNT Arcade for NES. Two of my favorite games of all time.
– N64 Boomerang Controller. Akward? Yes. Rare? Yes.
– Donkey Kong and Zelda for N64. 2 excelent games.

– No games for the Dreamcast?
– The starting price… WAY too high!

The seller also has up some other game auctions including this one with a weird and UGLY 3rd party SNES controller I have never seen…


Pros: Mario Paint!
Cons: Missing the OG Mario Paint mousepad (seen below)

Those were his most interesting auctions. I think the first one is highly overpriced but whatever.

Check out his other auctions for some other gaming stuff (but tons of other crap to sift thru):


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