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A little somthing…

/ 9 years ago

I am working on a HUGE post so I am just going to post up ONE awesome item I came across as well as a related game. I SHOULD have the HUGE post done for tomorrow and here is a little hint… It is about a video game company that has been around since 1889. No, that is not a typo. I said 1889.

(click for more pictures if available)

PC Engine LT Laptop
Posted by: draggindawgs

While working on my huge post I randomly came across this gem. Now, I posted up about the Turbo Express portable a bit back, but I had no idea that it’s foreign “brother” was so much more badass! This is a PC Engine LT (Laptop)! It plays PC Engine HU Cards and folds open like a laptop.

(click for more pictures if available)

Keith Courage in Alpha Zone
Posted by: andrei710

I thought since I was making a TurboGrafx related post, I might as well post my favorite game on the system. Bonks Adventures is one of my favorites, but that tile became multi-platform after a while. Keith Courage in Alpha Zone was the best exclusive title in opinion, and when I bought my system, it came for free as a pack in!

Ok, that is it for now. Be ready for the monster sized post!


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