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Look at the set of lungs on “her”?

/ 9 years ago

Or Him? It??? Anyway, Sorry for the long break… I was gone for a bit because I am now a married man but I am back with some video game goods! Thought I would kick right back into things with a post about one of the few games I have been playing lately and that is Kirby Epic Yarn for the WII.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn for Nintendo Wii
Posted by: farm240sxboy
This game is a BLAST to play but just too easy. You cannot die in it at all which just makes it like walking thru with invincibility on. I wish they would have held back on the easy of play on this but that is my only complaint. Other than that the game is very fun to play and keeps me coming back.

Kirby’s Adventure for Nintendo Entertainment System
Posted by: online_retro_treasures
The game that started it all! Kirby is such an awesome character that it surprises me that he is not a 1st party mascot. One of the games that came out kinda near the peak end of the life of the NES and is still one of my favorite games to just pop in and play.

Super Nintendo console with Kirby Super Star
Posted by: hugapuggy123
This SNES comes with Kirby Super Star which seems like they were trying to get some of that “Mario All Star” action for the Kirby brand. It boasts 8 games which are a combo of platform and mini games. I have never checked this game out but now I NEED to!

Kirby Figures
Posted by: minmineasy
And for fans of collect ables we have a nice little collection of 1 1/2″ tall Kirby figures. Great for the dashboard or the top of an old NES!


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