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Some old school rare-ness!

/ 9 years ago

Thought I would post up some rare old school games, old school to me is Atari and older since I grew up on Nintendo and forward. I remember playing some Atari when I was a kid but the first game I ever played was Kung-Fu for the NES so anything before that is “old school” in my book.

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Atlantis II
Posted by: chessguy2002
This seems to be one of the more rare Atari games to ever have been “released”! I say released, because it was only given out to 4 contest winners! It comes in the same case as Atlantis so it seems like there are a lot of fakes out there so this auction seems to have the most legit supporting documents to go with it. Check out the other images to see all the documentation. Here is a write up about the game from www.atariage.com “This is a special contest version of Atlantis. It was sent to the high scorers of the Defend Atlantis contest so that they could determine the top four scorers. The top four players from Atlantis II would be flown to Bermuda for an Atlantis shoot-out and a chance to win $10,000. While the game graphics are the same, it is much faster and fewer points are awarded for hits, making the game much more challenging. The actual scoring graphics are slightly different as well.”

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Posted by: zz11zz
The person that posted this one up says it is extremely rare but I cannot seem to find much info on it. It is an Atari 400 game which was one of the less popular Atari systems out there. I have never even played Atari 400 or 800 but would like to try one out sometime. Seems like any info I come across of this game is someone trying to sell it so who knows if it is rare or not…

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Dig Dug Lot
Posted by: pikachu0_7
Here is a game I know about! DIG DUG!!! I love Dig Dug, one of my favorite arcade games, this game however is and Intellivision game and not an Atari game. It is a mint in box copy of the game and a bunch of cool extras including sweet Dig Dug clock, T-Shirt, and some other awesome stuff! Check out the other pictures to see all the awesomeness!


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