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REACH for your 360 controller…

/ 9 years ago

Yeah, if you are into current video game at all then you obviously know what game got released today. I used to not be a fan of the Halo series but it definitely grew on me. I started with Halo 3, then played 2, and also played ODST so I am going to check out Reach for sure.

I thought I would post up some Halo items but surprisingly there is not much out there! The best things I found were some badass Custom Case Mods.

Here are my favorite current case mods I had found:

I am diggin this one since it is a nice flat looking black, but I can’t tell what the carved out logo on the top is. The guy took some good pictures but just failed to get a good shot of the top.

This one looks VERY detailed so I wish he would have taken better pictures. I like the design of this one, but I lay my system horizontal so this wouldn’t work for me. Also, what is with the attached Xbox Live camera?


This one is a sweet Halo 3 mod. I am a fan of the black with blue LED glow and this one looks well done!

As far as collecting goes the “limited” editions systems were the best items I found:

I found this sweet Halo 1 limited editions original Xbox system in mint condition which I thought was pretty badass! I know some people still play the OG Xbox, but personally I just plan on downloading Halo 1 for my 360 like I did with Halo 2.

Of course, the Halo Reach limited edition system. Pretty slick looking. I am diggin the Xbox re-design as it is but if I decided to get a new Xbox 360, I think I will go with a nice regular black one. Pretty sweet that it comes with 2 wireless controllers though!

And the “Oddball” auction…

Yeah… COSPLAY!!!


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