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Final Fantasy Famicom Fever

/ 7 years ago

Definitely a cool Lot of items to pick up from efield293 but the problem is for our non-Japanese speaking audience, these are going to be incredibly difficult to play as they’re the Japanese editions of my favorite RPG series. If it weren’t for FFVII, VI would be my favorite game ever. Just an incredible story with optional characters, dozens of Espers and just all around great customizable gameplay. A fitting end to an era on the 16 bit console.

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Final Fantasy IV Celtic Moon

/ 7 years ago

I’ve always been a huge fan of Final Fantasy, starting with the first one when it was released back in 1990 (holy crap) in the US. The games were always amazing but the music really made those games so much better. When I discovered that there were piano versions of the soundtracks, I decided to dig into what else there and lo and behold I came across what unsung.hero is selling: Final Fantasy IV Celtic Moon. Yes, it’s exactly what you think it might sound like. Celtic versions of the FFIV soundtrack. I know, it sounds weird but it’s actually pretty good. That Buy It Now is a little steep but they do give you the option to make an offer.

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While we’re at it…Powerglove covers the entire soundtrack in 7 minutes


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Fantasy? Finally!

/ 9 years ago

Time to post up some items from what is arguably one of the biggest RPGs in the video game world. Final Fantasy! Now, I can say I have never beat a whole FF game but I can’t even begin to think of how many hours I put into FF7 for the Playstation. I would get home from school and turn it right on. Here are some cool items I found for FF! A lot of cosplay stuff is available for the series which doesn’t surprise me…

A full size replica of the Gunblade from Final Fantasy XIII. This may be a full size replica but… It doesn’t turn into the sword. But, you are in luck because…

A full size replica of the Gunblade SWORD from Final Fantasy XIII! Yeah, I guess they couldn’t figure out a way to make one that would transform. Either that, or they just wanted to sell the same item twice!

This is a rare item indeed! Only 50 were made for a Nintendo Power contest back in the day and it was for the OG Final Fantasy which makes it even more rare since it was back in the “old school” days.

Here is some wording from the listing: “This awesome collectable is a must-have for the serious collector and Final Fantasy enthusiast. Only 50 Final Fantasy crystal orbs were made and distributed worldwide (Nintendo Power said the mold was broken after making the orbs). It is made of solid lead crystal. The crystal orb is etched with the legend ‘Final Fantasy’; a shield with a crossed axe and sword are etched above. This can be viewed when looking through the crystal orb. The orb has been signed by the artist, Kusak.”

Check out the rest of the pictures of the orb HERE.

Final Fantasy XII Judge Master Gabranth statue. Thing looks impressive! They had up full scale Gabranth mask, but I like the figure more. Reminds me of some Boris Vallejo artwork.

A full set of Final Fantasy figures released by Square Soft back in 1997. The person that posted this up stated it took them 5 years to piece this whole set together and I wouldn’t doubt it! There were also only 3000 of each made so take that into consideration and all the people that only bought a few hear and there, the amount of full sets in anyone’s collection must be pretty low.