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Why only have one arcade game…

/ 9 years ago

When you could have them ALL!!!

I myself have always wanted to have an arcade game in my house. I have wanted a pinball machine as well as at least 1 arcade game but could never figure out which one I would want. Well, I don’t have to make that choice any longer with MAME. People build custom cabinets that run arcade game emulators off of a computer so you can have one cabinet that plays an almost endless amount of games. You could even load the cabinets with old Atari, NES, SNES, Genesis, Master System, etc, etc Roms and rock all those in an arcade unit!

Here is a basic MAME cabinet. Looks pretty much like an average arcade cabinet running windows.

This one is a bit more of a step up! Looks like it is setup for 4 players and also has a roller ball (like the other one has) but this one looks like it has even more bells and whistles. The lit up buttons look pretty sweet as well.

Here is a nice odd hybrid unit with a pretty clever design. It can convert from a stand up cabinet style into a cocktail table style unit! This is the first I have seen like this and I must say, that is pretty damn cool!

Cocktail Table mode of the above listing

But if you are more hands on they have TONS of step by step DIY websites out there where you can make the unit yourself. I think if I ever do have the room for one of these, I will go the DIY route.

Here are a couple DIY sites: Build a MAME Cabinet in 24 hours or DIY MAME Cabinet