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Items of War

/ 9 years ago

A full size replica of the Gear of War Lancer! This was an Amazon.com exclusive back when they were taking pre orders for Gears of War 2. A friend of a friend had one so I got to check one out in person and I must say, it is a pretty hefty toy!

A golden full size Lancer replica? Had no idea they made these, but I like the regular one MUCH more. What can I say, I like blood!

I am a fan of Gears of War and a fan of skate style shoes so I want these! My favorite colors are also red and black so someone buy me a pair (size 12). 🙂

Ok, this is a custom scupture and it looks great and all but… $1,300.00? Are you high? Not to bring the artist down since I make some art as well but… good luck with that.


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