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Sega Dreamcast Console Yukawa Edition Rare Complete

/ 8 years ago

digitalpress is selling a RARE Sega Dreamcast console. The seller has the perfect description for this item so I will just quote them.

From www.segaretro.org:
Hidekazu Yukawa, also known as “Mr. Sega” was the Senior Managing Director of Sega during the Sega Dreamcast era.

Yukawa strangely became an overnight success in Japan after appearing in a Japanese Dreamcast commercial. In it, Japanese kids make fun of him while praising Sony and their console, the PlayStation. After informing his work collegues and being beaten on the street, he makes a stand for all things Dreamcast and attempts to set the record straight. Yukawa was not an actor, but his performance was so good that Sega were swamped with letters of praise, and so he would appear in numerous Dreamcast adverts over the console’s lifespan, even apologising personally for the lack of stock in Japan during the first few weeks after launch (and being quick to point out when more stock was available in the coming months).

Though perhaps not as popular as Segata Sanshiro, Hidekazu Yukawa was popular enough to be featured on prepaid convenience store cards and photo sticker booths. He had his own website and features in the game Yukawa Motosenmu no Otakara Sagashi. He has also appeared as cameo in a number of Dreamcast games, inlcuding What’s Shenmue in which he encounters the protagonist Ryo and needs to be chased through a series of quick time events.

For a short period there was even a set of Hidekazu Yukawa-branded Dreamcasts for sale in Japan.”


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Warning: Biohazard

/ 9 years ago

Resident Evil (known as Biohazard in Japan) has some of the best merchandise / collectible stuff out there for any video game in my opinion. It is also one of my all time favorite video game series so I decided to make a post on some rare / interesting items I have found.

A Resident Evil first aid kit may come in handy if the zombies actually ever do come for us. I like everything in this auction! It is just full of AWESOME and I know I will be saying this a lot but Japanese gamers get the coolest stuff. This kit was actually a prize that people could win playing a Biohazard Pachinko Slot Machine!

How awesome is that! Unfortunatly, I could not find one for sale. 😉

These keys right here should be familiar to any old school RE fan. These are full scale reproductions (can you say “reproduction” if the item’s were never real in the first place?) of the mansion keys used in the original Resident Evil. They actually made 4 different keys and only gave away 1 key to each person that attended the 1996 Tokyo Game Show so to get all 4 was nearly imposible. Said to be the rarest RE collectible, even seeing 2 of them posted up is a hard thing to find.

Movie props! Premiere Collectibles, one of the biggest prop sellers on ebay always get their hands on the Resident Evil movie props. They have a ton of them posted up right here at Premiere Props. This one is my favorite of what is posted up now thought I am usually more of a sucker for any of the props with the Umbrella logo on them.

If a gun is used in a Resident Evil (or to be more specific, BIOHAZARD) game then they have made an Airsoft gun replica and alot of them are licensed by Capcom. Not too many games that I know of have a line of guns! Of course, as always, all the cool stuff has to be kept from us via the great blue sea. Damn you again Japan, you luck bastards!

I will close with a rant:

Another RED SYSTEM!!! WTF!!! Ok, Dreamcast puts out their rare RE version of the Dreamcast system which was the regular Dreamcast, but RED. Then I hear that a limited editions Resident Evil Xbox 360 is in the works and I got excited and guess what? They did it AGAIN! Yeah, let’s paint the system red! Wanna add a zombie on it or at least a cool RE logo? NAAAAHH! Let’s just make it RED!!! Making a red system does not make it a RE system. I guess Virtual Boy was the Resident Evil edition.
*End rant*


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/ 9 years ago

With the memorable release date of 9/9/99 the Dreamcast hit store shelves in the USA. I remember there was quite a bit of buzz about it and could not wait to get my hands on one! I remember walking through the perfume wreaked halls of the local Macy’s to play the Dreamcast demo unit that they had on display.

It was a smaller counter top version than the one above and I would make sure to go into Macy’s every time I hit up the mall until release. I remember me and my older brother got the Dreamcast as a VERY early Christmas gift. We would usually ask for one big gift each year with Dreamcast being one, Snes being another, and Turbo Grafx 16 being the other system that I can remember getting.

Sonic Adventures was and still is an excellent game. Anyone that had a Dreamcast knows this, but my favorite game was BLUE STINGER!

Blue Stinger was a 3rd person sci-fi game that looked BEAUTIFUL for it’s time!

Other Dreamcast items of interest I found:

The Resident Evil system! Sega put out ALOT of different Dreamcast consoles (mostly in Japan of course) but this one hit shores here as well. Thing that sucks is that most Dreamcast variants were just a different color and a different box just as this one is. I wanted it back then since I am a huge RE fan but looking back, I see that it was nothing special.

A decent lot for sale. Price is not bad but game selection is a little lacking but at least it has Sonic Adventures and Crazy Taxi 1 & 2!

A cheap system posted up. Looks like you can get them pretty cheap on eBay if your just looking for a system with a game or 2.

Oddball Auctions:

Ok, I found 1 Dreamcast item that I did not know existed until today (since it is a JP exclusive that’s not surprising) and thought it was hilarious!

Yeah! Karaoke adapter! I just read up that the unit used to use some dial up service (that was in Japan only and is long dead) to get the songs but from what I read it seems like it doesn’t store the songs or come with songs making this unit completely useless outside of just a collection piece. Pretty interesting to see that this was actually made though.

This one I just posted for pure comedy…

Ok, can anyone tell me what is wrong with this image? They listed this image in the auction to show that the unit has been “Tested and works!”. I must have missed the day they released Zelda for the Dreamcast! Not to mention that the html code for the austion was posted and looks awful, yet people still bid on it…  Great work guys!