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Colecovision Console System with 12 Games Some Rare

/ 8 years ago

noremac74 is selling a rare Colecovision System. A fully working Colecovision Console System
with 12 old & some Rare Hard to Find Games!

The System was tested and all buttons and games work.
It comes with the manual, color tuning instructions,
small catalog, and a registration card.

This bundle comes with everything you need to start playing including the following games:

Carnival w/ manual
Centipede w/ manual
Defender w/ manual
Donkey Kong w/ manual
Donkey Kong Junior w/ manual
Pitfall w/ manual
Q-Bert w/ manual
Xonox Robin Hood (very rare)
Squish ‘Em Sam (rare)
Subroc w/ manual
Telly Turtle (rare)
Time Pilot w/ manual


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The struggle for control

/ 9 years ago

I decided to post up some of the weirdest video game console peripherals ever made since I have seen some pretty bad ones. I have never had the “pleasure” of trying any of these but have only heard “great” things about them.

(Click for more picture)

Nintendo NES Power Glove W/ Box Complete Vintage Rare
Looked at as an more of an “icon” than something that anyone actually used, this Nintendo Power Glove posted by kdrbt228 is one of the first bad peripherals that came to mind. There was 1 game released (Glove Ball) that was specifically for the Power Glove but you could use it with any game… supposedly. You had to enter in a special code in order to use it for a specific game and then it still didn’t work. I would want one of these as a display piece but I don’t think anyone wants to use one.

(Click for more picture)

Rare Sega Activator Genesis Game Controller Complete
Project Natal / Kinect… WATCH OUT! ellapalooza has the Sega Genesis ACTIVATOR for sale! This is an octagon you place on the ground and each segment of the octagon operates a different button function. So, in order to move to the right in lets say, Mortal Kombat, you would have to flail an arm or leg over the right segment of the octagon and then to punch you would flail a limb over the upper right section of the octagon. Sounds like a great idea! Wonder why this sucked so much…

(Click for more picture)

Uforce power field controller for Nintendo
Amazingly, this one seems to work better than the others listed. mtestate has this Uforce motion controller for the Nintendo listed up. Kinda like the above Activator it seems like you wave your hands over certain sections to perform certain actions. This ones is setup like a book though and since you don’t flail your limbs it seems easier to control than the above Activator. Still not worth even trying, but not as bad as the “other” options at the time.

(Click for more picture)

coleco vision controllers
This ones that generalzods_gamingzone listed seems the most normal out of them but still a bit odd. Looks like an old video game joystick made nasty love to a Guitar Hero controller. Multi color hand grip buttons that had uses for certain games. I bet at the time they thought this would be the best way to map out a multi button controller.


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