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Completely Restored Vintage STAR WARS Video Arcade Game

/ 7 years ago

bwagner5150 you sly fox you. Check out this completely restored vintage Star Wars Arcade Game. Here are the specs.

You are bidding on a fully restored, vintage Atari Star Wars upright video arcade game. This game is in as close to new condition as you will ever find, and has just been restored by a picky, admittedly anal collector. Everything is fully-working, and is nothing short of beautiful. Nothing but the best parts in the business have been used.The cabinet is a brand new John Gerlach / Boulder Arcades melamine-protected cabinet that was precision computer CNC-milled to the exact specifications of the original. It looks perfect and brand new like the machine just came out of the box, and is identical to the original. All new side art, front art, marquee art, control panel art and controller yoke art has been installed at a cost of several hundred dollars. This is the good stuff from Phoenix Arcades, using the original silk screens from Atari. All new t-molding, leg lifters, leg lifter plates, and t-nuts have been installed. The controller and handles have been stripped, retextured, and repainted, and new silk-screened art was applied. The vertical coin door was stripped, retextured, and repainted, and new matching door locks and coin insert bulbs were installed. Its Wells Garder 6100 monitor was professionally repaired and recapped, along with all new chassis transistors for a long life.


Comes with the original coin bucket and coin mechanisms, and can be set for either freeplay or quarters.
Comes with a copy of the original owner’s manual and technical schematics on DVD.”


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/ 7 years ago

classic-arcades is selling a strange piece of video game history and art. This is an used piece of panel artwork for the Tempest Arcade Machine by Atari. I’m not sure what exactly you can do with this but sure is cool to own. I guess if you were an ass you could peal it and stick to your wall like a Fathead. But my suggestion is peal it and mount it on a some kind of board.


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Konami’s 4 Player X-Men Arcade Machine

/ 8 years ago

slackersonlineis selling quite possibly one of the best arcade games ever created. I remember spending quarters like nobody’s business when I was in summer camp. Everyone wanted to play the X-Men arcade game. And rightfully so this came out at the height of comics in the early 90’s. The game features a 4 player simultaneous play. That was rare back then, only a few games had that The Simpsons and TMNT both Konami games as well. This arcade is great shape and should give you a good couple years of game play if you look after it.


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/ 8 years ago

pinballsales1 is selling a Neo Geo stand up arcade. The game comes with 4 games Art of Fighting, World Heroes,World Heroes 2 and Fatal Fury. The games in this arcade are interchangeable with other Neo Geo games. That means you can goon ebay and buy other great games or even find one of those cartridges that have 120 games. Neo Geo was way ahead of its time but was ultimately too expensive.



Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja Arcade Video Game Data East

/ 9 years ago

President Ronnie got his dumbass captured by Ninjas. Only you two Bad Dudes can save him. arcocoffee is selling one of the best side scrolling steroid induced fighting games of all time. Released 1988 Bad Dudes exploded on the scene kicking ass. You don’t see games like this anymore. It’s like an 32 bit Chuck Norris movie.


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Some old school rare-ness!

/ 9 years ago

Thought I would post up some rare old school games, old school to me is Atari and older since I grew up on Nintendo and forward. I remember playing some Atari when I was a kid but the first game I ever played was Kung-Fu for the NES so anything before that is “old school” in my book.

(Click for more images)

Atlantis II
Posted by: chessguy2002
This seems to be one of the more rare Atari games to ever have been “released”! I say released, because it was only given out to 4 contest winners! It comes in the same case as Atlantis so it seems like there are a lot of fakes out there so this auction seems to have the most legit supporting documents to go with it. Check out the other images to see all the documentation. Here is a write up about the game from www.atariage.com “This is a special contest version of Atlantis. It was sent to the high scorers of the Defend Atlantis contest so that they could determine the top four scorers. The top four players from Atlantis II would be flown to Bermuda for an Atlantis shoot-out and a chance to win $10,000. While the game graphics are the same, it is much faster and fewer points are awarded for hits, making the game much more challenging. The actual scoring graphics are slightly different as well.”

(Click for more images)

Posted by: zz11zz
The person that posted this one up says it is extremely rare but I cannot seem to find much info on it. It is an Atari 400 game which was one of the less popular Atari systems out there. I have never even played Atari 400 or 800 but would like to try one out sometime. Seems like any info I come across of this game is someone trying to sell it so who knows if it is rare or not…

(Click for more images)

Dig Dug Lot
Posted by: pikachu0_7
Here is a game I know about! DIG DUG!!! I love Dig Dug, one of my favorite arcade games, this game however is and Intellivision game and not an Atari game. It is a mint in box copy of the game and a bunch of cool extras including sweet Dig Dug clock, T-Shirt, and some other awesome stuff! Check out the other pictures to see all the awesomeness!


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You probably owned an “illegal” Nintendo game and didn’t know it…

/ 9 years ago

You remember good old NES Carts? Those grey beauties just sitting there in a few old shoe boxes, gold top of a Zelda cart sticking out like a soar thumb… But wait, there is a BLACK cartridge, and it’s shaped weird… “Rolling Thunder” eh? What is with this?

Yeah, I used to have Rolling Thunder and just knew it was in a different case than Nintendo games. I thought it was cool and different back in the day. What I now know is that Tengen, the company that put these out did not like Nintendo’s “guidelines” for how many titles they were allowed to release so guess what? They said SCREW YOU to Nintendo, hacked the block out chip, and released the unlicensed games themselves! Nintendo was pissed and the case was taken to court and Nintendo won.

Full info at  the Wiki.

Before the lawsuit, Tengen had only released 3 titles in the legal / licensed way and then unlicensed versions of them after they told Nintendo to screw themselves.

I have posted 2 of the 3 licensed vs unlicensed titles below for some examples.

(Click for more pictures)
Unlicensed version of Pac-Man
Posted by: konggames

(Click for more pictures)
Licensed version of Pac-Man
Posted by: cjmarq2345

(Click for more pictures)
Unlicensed version of Gauntlet
Posted by: bbigddadybboom

(Click for more pictures)
Licensed version of Gauntlet
Posted by: lucrative-gaming

You can see in comparing them that the big difference is the cart color / shape. The one that is not so obvious is that the black carts are missing this…

Also, I decided to list 2 of my favorite Tengen games that were never released as licensed version, yet tons of people had them in their collections…

(Click for more pictures)
Rolling Thunder – If you have never played this, PLAY IT! They need an XBLA / PSN re-vamp of this game!
Posted by: puckuluck

(Click for more pictures)
TOOBIN’ – Toobin’ was a fun, mindless game. Really fun in the arcade.
Posted by: sosafan2

I know there are other companies that put out unlicensed Nintendo games back in the day (which I may touch on in the future) but this is probably the most known.


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