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Nintendo Huge Lot. NES, SNES, 27 games total, Consoles, Controllers, Accessories

endpiece is selling a vintage NES Console and games. Vintage NES console’s are becoming harde to find in working shape.

“Huge Lot of NES and SNES Nintendo games, and accessories. This entire lot was discovered in storage and is being sold as is. Un-tested, Sold as is. All items are clean and appear to be in good condition. The lot you are bidding on includes both SNES and NES game consoles, with hook ups, and a collection of games. 23 NES games and 4 SNES games. Buyer will receive all items shown here.

– This Lot included the following items –

SNES System:
– 1 SNES Nintendo Game Console, with instruction manual and hook ups and power adapter.
– 2 SNES Controllers
– 4 SNES Games

SNES Games Include:
Star Fox
Donkey Kong Country
Disney’s Aladdin
Super Mario World

NES System
– 1 NES Nintendo Game Console, with hook ups and power adapter
– 1 NES Gun
– 2 NES Controllers
– 1 NES 4 Score ( an accessory that allows the use of 4 controllers at once)
– 1 NES Advantage Joy Stick Controller
– 23 NES games

NES Games Include:
Double Dribble
Zelda (grey cartridge)
Mach Rider
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Super Mario, Duck Hunt, World Class Track Race (all 3 games on one cartridge)
Gauntlet (Black Cartridge)
T&C Surf – Wood Water Rage
Double Dragon
Marble Madness
Skate Or Die !
Off Road
Super Mario Bros III
Ghosts ‘N’ Goblins
Super Mario Bros
California Games”

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Completely Restored Vintage STAR WARS Video Arcade Game

bwagner5150 you sly fox you. Check out this completely restored vintage Star Wars Arcade Game. Here are the specs.

You are bidding on a fully restored, vintage Atari Star Wars upright video arcade game. This game is in as close to new condition as you will ever find, and has just been restored by a picky, admittedly anal collector. Everything is fully-working, and is nothing short of beautiful. Nothing but the best parts in the business have been used.The cabinet is a brand new John Gerlach / Boulder Arcades melamine-protected cabinet that was precision computer CNC-milled to the exact specifications of the original. It looks perfect and brand new like the machine just came out of the box, and is identical to the original. All new side art, front art, marquee art, control panel art and controller yoke art has been installed at a cost of several hundred dollars. This is the good stuff from Phoenix Arcades, using the original silk screens from Atari. All new t-molding, leg lifters, leg lifter plates, and t-nuts have been installed. The controller and handles have been stripped, retextured, and repainted, and new silk-screened art was applied. The vertical coin door was stripped, retextured, and repainted, and new matching door locks and coin insert bulbs were installed. Its Wells Garder 6100 monitor was professionally repaired and recapped, along with all new chassis transistors for a long life.


Comes with the original coin bucket and coin mechanisms, and can be set for either freeplay or quarters.
Comes with a copy of the original owner’s manual and technical schematics on DVD.”

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manyneedfulthingsis selling a vintage Nintendo tabletop game from the 80’s. I use to love these games, they always made me feel like I had my own arcade. I remember watching movies like The Wizard and wishing I could be a competitive gamer. This game is in remarkable shapeand should sell well.

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25 Rare Gameboy and Gameboy Color Lot

d.fuentes4910 is also known as Daisy Fuentes, from MTV fame. She is big fan of NES Gameboy and is selling her lot of games. Check out the list. “Tetris..Tetris Dx..Wario Land 2…Wario Land 3…Dr Mario…Super Mario Land…Pokemon Trading Card Game x2…Pokemon Silver…Pokemon Gold.. Pokemon Blue.. Pokemon Pinball..Kirby’s DreamLand..Kirby’s Pinball Land…Kirby’s Tilt N Tumble…Donkey Kong..Mortal Kombat..
Tennis..PaperBoy…Revenge Of The Gator…The Simpsons TreeHouse Of Horror…Kwirk…DragonBall Z.. The Adventures Of Rocky And BullWinkel And Friends… And Tesserae.”

Maybe you can get a head shot signed by her too.

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Colecovision Console System with 12 Games Some Rare

noremac74 is selling a rare Colecovision System. A fully working Colecovision Console System
with 12 old & some Rare Hard to Find Games!

The System was tested and all buttons and games work.
It comes with the manual, color tuning instructions,
small catalog, and a registration card.

This bundle comes with everything you need to start playing including the following games:

Carnival w/ manual
Centipede w/ manual
Defender w/ manual
Donkey Kong w/ manual
Donkey Kong Junior w/ manual
Pitfall w/ manual
Q-Bert w/ manual
Xonox Robin Hood (very rare)
Squish ‘Em Sam (rare)
Subroc w/ manual
Telly Turtle (rare)
Time Pilot w/ manual

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ricksvintagestuff has been storing these away safely for the next generation. I can’t believe these boxes are in such good shape. Some of the games even have dust jackets. Check out the lot.

Wizards & Warriors With Dust Cover & Manual
Bases Loaded With Dust Cover
Days Of Thunder With Dust Cover & Manual
Silent Service With Dust Cover
Shadowgate With Dust Cover & Manual
Blades Of Steel With Dust Cover
Willow With Dust Cover & Manual
Disney’s Darkwing Duck With Dust Cover & Manual
8 Eyes With Dust Cover & Poster
Ninja Gaiden II The Dark Sword Of Chaos With Dust Cover & Manual
The Goonies II With Dust Cover
Deadly Towers With Dust Cover & Manual
Demon Sword With Dust Cover
Target Renegade With Dust Cover
Spy Hunter With Dust Cove

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