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But I Think Donkey Kong Is The Best Game Ever

June 27, 2012 9:24 pm Published by Comments Off on But I Think Donkey Kong Is The Best Game Ever

Not going to lie. I love Donkey Kong. It may be repetitive, it may be simplistic but something about jumping those barrels has me playing for hours. Give me vintage Donkey Kong anyday! Love it. Shout outs to my buddy, Billy. He knows what is up.

Atari Game Lot BIN (plus two systems …)

October 29, 2011 3:50 pm Published by 1 Comment

Here’s a pretty sweet lot. It’s funny, I know the seller, dean.parrish. He’s a pretty young kid. I’m guessing these Atari games are twice as old as he is. But for $60, it’s hard to pass up. AND, he’s offering to throw in two systems, “AS IS.” He can’t vouch that they work. It happens. I find it’s funny that he doesn’t mention WHICH Atari system these are for, but looking at the cartridges, I’d guess 2600. Go get this one. Canyon Bomber. So good.

Cowboys And Aliens: Wild Guns for the SNES

August 2, 2011 10:39 pm Published by Comments Off on Cowboys And Aliens: Wild Guns for the SNES

Anyone seen Cowboys And Aliens yet? Not me. I’m a nerd, but I’m not much for hitting up the movies. I’d rather spend a night in front of the computer. But when I saw the trailers, all I could think about was Wild Guns for the SNES. I know you remember this one. httpv:// Cowboys and aliens, for sure. Plenty of great action and the gameplay was definitely ahead of its time. Think about it. 1995. What else were you playing at this time with such great third-person shooter actions? Not much, that’s for sure. Grab this one. Looks like it’s in great condition. I don’t think I ever played as Annie. That seems odd. xdanex

DKC: Video Game Championship II

December 13, 2010 4:17 am Published by Comments Off on DKC: Video Game Championship II

Holy shit, I do remember playing this one at blockbuster and winning hard as fuck. Collect those bananas!!! Definitely collectors style on this one, at an outstanding $999 BIN. It’s been so long, I played one at blockbuster that was collecting bananas, this one I see is just racking points, I was definitely too young to remember it 100% but I do remember playing this. There couldn’t be more then one championship edition eh? #nostalgia watch?v=uAQGo0tKG4M

What is thanksgiving?

November 24, 2010 2:10 pm Published by Comments Off on What is thanksgiving?

Turkey, Indians, and Pilgrims!!! (Click for more images) Wild Turkey Hunt Posted by: tysondickes I thought I would post up some thankgiving games so what better way to celebrate then to blast away some pixilated turkeys! (Click for more images) Whomp Em for Nintendo Entertainment System Posted by: usgaming Turkey and Indians! Yeah, a good old NES game called “WHOMP EM” staring a stereotypical indian in a game that is most likely innocent in it’s intent, but would not see the light of day today with that name and character. We are just TOO PC for that now… They game looks like a decent classic side scroller and pretty much looks like it plays like a mele-style Mega Man Whomp Em video on Youtube (Click for more images) Pilgrim Posted by: virtual_merchandise Scott Pilgrim? Nope, Just plain old Pilgrim. A classic PC adveture game that is sure to entertain anyone on a quite Thanksgiving day. Just a little somthing for your holiday! I will be back after the holiday with a special “interactive” blog post that will “test your sight”!

Hey Mom, I want Mortal Kombat for X-Mas!!!

November 18, 2010 11:52 am Published by 1 Comment

Oh the joy of Christmas! You wake up, run downstairs and see ALL those gifts! You run back up and wake up mom and dad with a series of “MOM MOM MOM MOM!!!!!!!1111”. Your parents saunter down the stairs like zombies and will not let the gift opening commence until they have their coffee. You sit their like a crack addict rocking back and forth, looking at the gifts just HOPING that game you wanted is under the tree. You FINALLY get to open gifts and… (Click for more images) Mortal Kombat (Tiger Handheld) Posted by: electronichandhelds A Tiger handheld?!!! Your parents look on with smiles thinking they got you EXACTLY what you wanted and their faces soon drop as they notice you are not happy. Yeah, good old Tiger electronics! (Click for more images) Altered Beast (Tiger Handheld) Posted by: momandboysshop I think they made one of these crappy handhelds for every popular game. Altered Beast being one of my favorite Genesis games, not so much in Tiger form (the handheld, not meaning when you turn into a tiger). (Click for more images) Sonic 2 (Tiger Handheld) Posted by: electronichandhelds Even Sonic was not safe! Looks like Sega was fine whoring out their property to Tiger to make these games (which were all pretty much the same game play with slightly different layouts) but Nintendo never gave rights to their properties… (Click for more images) Double Dragon II (Tiger Handheld) Posted by: electronichandhelds Nintendo game? Yes, but this is a Konami game. I am guessing Nintendo itself would not give the rights to Tiger to put out Mario and Zelda games like this since they had the Game & Watch series which was pretty much the same kind of games. (Click for more images) Ninja Gaiden (Tiger Watch) Posted by: bobc174 Not wanting a crappy handheld game” How bout a smaller version you can wear on a watch! Just as crappy, but now even smaller and you can wear it! I will however say I am guilty of rockin a Tiger game watch back in the day… (Click for more images) Ninja Gaiden II (Tiger Handheld) Posted by: electronichandhelds Ninjas Gaiden II, not on a watch but still just as bad! I could list this crappy handhelds all day but I think that is enough! It surprises me how much some of these things are selling for…

RRoD strikes AGAIN!!!

November 17, 2010 10:06 am Published by 3 Comments

Oh Microsoft… how I loathe that you put out a faulty system that has such great games. I bought my 360 back in 2006 and I had RROD once (Red Rings of death) while it was within the 3 year extended warranty so I order my Xbox 360 coffin (the white box Microsoft used to send back to have the broken system shipped back in) and sent it in and had it fixed and sent back to me within 3 weeks. Not too bad and it did not cost me anything. Now, my system that was previously “fixed” just crapped out on me again and is not in warranty. I checked and Microsoft charges $99.00 to fix it. I can get a used referbished system for less that that thru Gamestop so if all else fails, that is the route I think I will go. In the meantime I am tying to fix it myself. I have the system all torn apart and cleaned up. I am wondering if anyone here has tried either of the 2 methods below… (Click for more images) Sending the unit out Posted by: apsonic1 One options I have found where people will fix the system for around $35 – $45 but you have to send your system out to them. I don’t know how much I trust this but if anyone has tried it or knows of a legit one in particular that they have used, let me know. (Click for more images) RROD Repair Kit Posted by: bigcc9 This is an options I am more secure with since I am a bit of a “hands on” type of person. Like I said, I already have the system torn apart and have checked out some online tutorials. I think I am going to try it without the kit at first (just cleaning up the system and replacing the thermal compound) but if that does not work I think I will be buying one of these!

Love for the Playstation

November 16, 2010 5:25 pm Published by 3 Comments

I decided to make this post about Playstation…  Not PS3 or even PS2, just plain old PLAYSTATION!  Here are 2 of my favorite underrated games followed by 2 of my all time favorites (complete with old school long boxes!). (Click for more images) Intelligent Qube Posted by: generalzods_gamingzone This game is very unique and very awesome!  A 3D puzzle game where you are a character on the actual game board and you have to do certain moves in order to get rid of blocks cloming at you while avoiding being either A) Knocked off the ledge or B) Squashed to death by a block.  If you have not played this game, GO PLAY IT!!!  This game needs a re-release / re-make! (Click for more images) Jumping Flash Long Box Posted by: scavenger4 Another one that I think did not get enough play is Jumping Flash.  Playing as a rabbit jumping from platform to platform.  One of the few 1st person view platformers that actually works well!  They made a sequal to the game which was just as good.  I am pretty sure this is a Sony exclusive property, why they have not made a new one since the days of the OG PS is beyond me. (Click for more images) Twisted Metal Long Box Posted by: fortunefinders One of the first PS games I got was Twisted Metal and it quickly found it’s way onto my favorites list.  Me and my brother would play this all night either 2 player or usually we would just takes turns swapping back and forth each round playing 1 player.  Such an awesome game.  Back in the day I even had my mom make my birthday cake look like Sweet Tooth’s truck!!!  I need to find that photo damn it… (Click for more images) Resident Evil Long Box Posted by: ddavies03 And of course, Resident Evil!  I remember playing this game and feeling like I had never felt before while playing a video game.  Before this it was fighting games, puzzle games, platformers, and the occasional RPG for me.  Survival Horror quickly became my favorite genre after playing this.  This was the first game that I bought a Memory Card for since I would play for hours and not be able to save.  All the other PS games I had played upto that point it wasn’t a huge deal but with Resident Evil, yeah…  That was a problem.

Goldeneye 007 Wii / N64

November 15, 2010 6:38 pm Published by 4 Comments

So the GoldenEye Wii game just released recently, I haven’t played it yet but I was extremely shut out by it because it reminded me of fucking CoD, and I’m so tired of games that are like this. I love Goldeneye for n64 and I still play it to this day. But I’m a little more inclined to play the new one because of IGN’s positive review of the game, saying it’s Wii’s best First Person Shooter. But Daniel Craig instead of Pierce Brosnan? Man, whatever, its just another 007 game. Like the reviews said, it’s not a remake of the game, it’s a “new direction” to the existing movie *huh?* whatever, fan boys are mad. But I’m going to give it a shot, been waiting to play a new game on the Wii anyway. A lot of starting bids have been at 0, like most new games. This one seems to be hitting at or if you’re not a fan of the new shit and wanna geek out on one of the best Nintendo multiplayer games ever made – then play this shit. $7.99 starting bid with case and all

Bible Games YUCK

November 15, 2010 6:08 pm Published by Comments Off on Bible Games YUCK

BIBLE ADVENTURES! There’s so many of them on eBay. Kinda cheap because the game fucking sucks but is so god damn hilarious. Every time I think of this game I think of Angry VG Nerd Video Review – Bible Adventures on it… so great. Bid on this shit or D/L the ROM. I love how bad it is, I think I might get it to laugh. The music in the game kills me