Street Fighter: The Movie Sony PlayStation 1 1995 Mint Long Box Complete

/ 7 years ago

Goddamn! Just when I thought it could not get any better or worse, I find this gem. Playstation really did make just as many bad games as they did good. I love this quote from the seller, “Battle it out one-on-one fighting style as you pound your opponents into oblivion. Perform special moves and devastating attacks to come out on top. Grab a friend and relive the hit movie starring Jean-Claude Van Damme in Sony PlayStation’s Street Fighter The Movie.” They actually say the word relive, as if watching this shit fest wasn’t bad enough, now I have to relive it with old bump head muscles from Brussels. Just so you know at the time of posting, there was one bid on this game. Someone out there wants to relive this movie. jeancap you just may sell this.

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