The Simpsons Arcade Machine

/ 9 years ago

So summer of 1991 was ill. I remember going down to the arcade and dumping all my quarters into The Simpsons Arcade game. This fucking game ruled. Four Player side scrolling action that’s what I’m talking about. This game was hard as hell if I recall correctly. slackersonline is selling what appears to be a mint condition Arcade. I would love to own one of these, but it’s too damn expensive after you work in the shipping. The seller was kind enough to give you the contact information for a reputable shipping company. I wish I could find one locally that I could afford to buy. This past October I was driving up to Vermont, while I was passing through Schenectady, NY I saw one of these arcades sitting on the roadside. It was in front of some dumpy house/farm. I remember thinking WHAT THE FUCK was that. Who puts The Simpson’s out on the side of the road? The arcade was for sale, I think it was 800.00 bucks. Now I noticed another seller on Ebay selling a Simpson’s Arcade game for 800.00 bucks from Schenectady. Mmmm…. I wonder if it is the same person.


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  • josh mclean says:

    I want this game where can i get a nice one