RRoD strikes AGAIN!!!

/ 9 years ago

Oh Microsoft… how I loathe that you put out a faulty system that has such great games. I bought my 360 back in 2006 and I had RROD once (Red Rings of death) while it was within the 3 year extended warranty so I order my Xbox 360 coffin (the white box Microsoft used to send back to have the broken system shipped back in) and sent it in and had it fixed and sent back to me within 3 weeks. Not too bad and it did not cost me anything. Now, my system that was previously “fixed” just crapped out on me again and is not in warranty. I checked and Microsoft charges $99.00 to fix it. I can get a used referbished system for less that that thru Gamestop so if all else fails, that is the route I think I will go. In the meantime I am tying to fix it myself. I have the system all torn apart and cleaned up. I am wondering if anyone here has tried either of the 2 methods below…

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Sending the unit out
Posted by: apsonic1
One options I have found where people will fix the system for around $35 – $45 but you have to send your system out to them. I don’t know how much I trust this but if anyone has tried it or knows of a legit one in particular that they have used, let me know.

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RROD Repair Kit
Posted by: bigcc9
This is an options I am more secure with since I am a bit of a “hands on” type of person. Like I said, I already have the system torn apart and have checked out some online tutorials. I think I am going to try it without the kit at first (just cleaning up the system and replacing the thermal compound) but if that does not work I think I will be buying one of these!


  • Routeattack says:

    I just had this happen to me as well. Took the whole thing apart and then just stared at it. You need to heat the compound extremely hot (do not put it in the oven), so if you want to fork over the money and tools etc. I searched under the video games category on craigslist and found a guy that did it in under 2 hrs locally for $40. I live in southern PA, so I am sure there is someone in your area.

    The guys place was ridiculously trashy, but he had a workbench specifically for fixing 360’s, which means he actually fixed it unlike me where I would probably make it worse off.

    • Routeattack says:

      Also, did you test the rings yet to narrow down the actual problem.
      1) wait til the rings come on
      2) hold in the sync button
      3) press the eject button 4 times to see the correct quadrant
      you can find it all here:

      • monty says:

        Too late for that! 😉 I have it apart and I am only replacing the thermal compoud right now since I was able to take out the X clamps where they are still useable. If that doesn’t work then I try checking the above (if it turns on at all by the time i’m done). Thanks!