Goldeneye 007 Wii / N64

/ 9 years ago

So the GoldenEye Wii game just released recently, I haven’t played it yet but I was extremely shut out by it because it reminded me of fucking CoD, and I’m so tired of games that are like this. I love Goldeneye for n64 and I still play it to this day. But I’m a little more inclined to play the new one because of IGN’s positive review of the game, saying it’s Wii’s best First Person Shooter. But Daniel Craig instead of Pierce Brosnan? Man, whatever, its just another 007 game. Like the reviews said, it’s not a remake of the game, it’s a “new direction” to the existing movie *huh?* whatever, fan boys are mad. But I’m going to give it a shot, been waiting to play a new game on the Wii anyway. A lot of starting bids have been at 0, like most new games. This one seems to be hitting at

or if you’re not a fan of the new shit and wanna geek out on one of the best Nintendo multiplayer games ever made – then play this shit. $7.99 starting bid with case and all


  • monty says:

    Take a look at the N64 cover… Does Pierce’s mouth look a little weird to you? 😉 Once you see it, this can not be unseen!

    • Julian says:

      haha yeah i’ve seen it before. so awkward

  • Ironhide says:

    Used to play this game with my friends, smoking weed and playing temples of boom

    • admin says:

      Great game, no doubt. Have you played the new wii version?