Obscure Atari

/ 9 years ago

I thought I would post up about some old obscure Atari game this time around. 2 of which I would like to have and I will start out with those…

(picture used is different than auction photo)

Texas Chainsaw Massacre! Yeah, they made a TCM video game. I have never played this and I am sure it probably isn’t very good but I would like to have this just as a collectible piece. The company that put this out, Wizard Video Games, only put out 2 games.  This one and…

Halloween! Wizard Video Games was looking to put some known horror icons into the video game market. Once gain, I am sure this isn’t very impressive but I still want it!

Another movie property, Alien the game! I am a little “young” to have played Atari back when it was first out so I thought the only movie related game was the huge failure known as ET but looks like they had at least 3 other movie titles as well as…

A comic book? Nope, this is X-Man which is clearly labeled as an “Adult Video Game Cartridge”! Another thing that I had no idea about. I knew Panesian put out some bootleg adult titles for the NES but had no idea they had “adult” game for the Atari! I bet those pixels were quite offensive!

Here is what the listing says about X-Man: “You’re “X-Man” … the macho super-stud of the year! A “Sexy Blonde: with a body that doesn’t quit is waiting behind the door to satisfy your every fantasy. You’ve got the equipment, you’re excited and ready to give her what she desires. All you’ve got to do is get through that door and do your stuff. Sounds easy? Wrong! Coming at you are the “Crabs,” with their claws ready to tear your privates apart. Next come the “Scissors,” whose sharp blades can cut off your manhood. And last are the “Teeth,” who snap with a vice-like grip that will leave more than just marks. Get the picture? But this Sexy Blonde is worth it. And you’re a man who’s ready for challenge and action. If you’ve got the stuff to avoid your attackers and get through the door, you’ll score in more ways than one! Remember that behind the door awaits your sexy surprise, and bonus points as well. See how far you can go and how much you can score as you take the X-Man Challenge.”

Sounds like a blast!

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